1. Saqr

    General considerations before this proposed home network build

    Good day :) I am planning a network for my home, a building of 4 apartments. Two heads are better than one and so I want to get a review of the proposed topology attached here. The downlink from telco to home is Fiber 200 Mbps into a a traditional brick and mortar building of total 400 sq...
  2. S

    DSM 7.0 How to backup camera photos on iPhone to NAS?

    Hi everyone. My wife and I have a newborn daughter and we both click a ton of pics of her on our phones. I recently bought the DS220+ with one of the main intentions being able to backup photos in full resolution and share with each other. I was able to backup photos from my phone using the...
  3. fozzylou

    H Help with Reolink ipi camera

    I bought a Reolink rlc-523wa PTZ Wi-Fi Camera I intended to return the camera to Reolink but due to illness I missed the returns window to do so. Is it possible to connect this Camera to Surveillance Station? I've not even opened the Camera box & will sell it on eBay if it's not possible to...
  4. E

    Upgrading a camera system. How much improvement will I see?

    Hi all, We have a bunch of Synology boxes: a central camera server (DS1513+) at our office, with 17 cameras on it, and 5 remote camera servers at remote locations, each with either a DS713+ or DS216+II. We have about 40 cameras total. (We also have a RS3614RPxs but that strictly does...
  5. G

    Two Way Audio Camera

    Hello all. Thank-you for any advice in advance. I want to install camera home security system on my DS1019+. The first use is for my front porch. I would like to install a 2 way audio camera. The camera I am looking at is Hikvision 4MP Dome Camera DS_2CD25463G0-IS. Does anyone have...
  6. jann

    DSM 6.2 Surveillance Station timezones per-camera

    Does anyone know if Surveillance Station allows Time Zone settings on a per-camera basis? I live in FL and the Synology is here, but my in-laws' cameras are in California and I have them recording on my Synolgoy. The time stamps of files are 3 hours behind. I *can* write a perl script to go back...
  7. C

    Camera suggestions

    Are there any cams that are rated for outdoor use and can be linked to a Synology. Am trying to help a friend who is partially blind and can't use a smartphone for setup. My plan was to set up the cam through his WIFI and send the data to my nas as we live about 1000 feet apart. TIA
  8. K

    Issues after adding 2nd camera in Surveillance Station

    Hi, I'm new here and hope I've picked the right sub-forum. I'm not an expert in all things computer but try to keep up using Google where necessary. We have an older DS413j in the house that's mainly looked after by my brother, which I access mainly for its surveillance capabilities. I access...
  9. A

    IP Camera brand for compatibility with Surveillance Station

    Hi all, Looking to start fiddling around with home security and IP cameras. Going to see if I can make use of my synology NAS 412+ and the survelliance station application. There is a long list of compatible cameras. Being a novice when it comes to IP camera's, was hoping you could all...
  10. tekguru

    eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam

    Well I treated myself to a 'eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam', cheap as chips at £39. A top piece of camera kit which works with Apple Homekit Secure Video. But it also works natively with Surveillance Station on Synology NAS's! So if you fancy a cheap camera with loads of features then there you...
  11. A

    New Camera - Test Connection OK - Cam Disconeccted

    Hello folks. First time poster! Please be gentle! So..... Until this morning I had one camera set up, a pretty cheap Jennov Dome camera (ONVIF protocol) and have had it on and working for a month. I bought a 2nd camera and went through the process of setting it up. Using the camera's host...
  12. tekguru

    Question EufyCam 2 Security Camera - for NAS as well as Homekit

    I'm considering enhancing our home security via adding security cameras to the front and back of the property. As we're an Apple family and Apple have the HomeKit Secure Video system I'd love to go with cameras which use that system. The installation has to be wireless to keep 'her indoors'...
  13. M

    Question Hikvision camera suddenly disconnected

    I have a Hikvision DS-2DE3304 camera. It has been working faultlessly with Surveillance Station for 2-3 years. I went to look at some historical footage and found that recording stopped on 25th March. When I went to check the live view the camera was showing disconnected, even though no...
  14. W

    180 degrees horizontal view camera on Synology NAS

    Dear all I have a DS415P NAS with already a Foscam camera attached (to protect my garden). I also have a DS418 for backup purposes (syncing between two NAS devices). I want to buy a second ip camera and install it to the front of my house (in the middle of the facade). Requirements: outdoor...
  15. D

    Question DS918+ and Amcrest camera support

    Hello, I'm planning on purchasing the DS918+ for home use and surveillance. I have picked out the Amcrest cameras I would like to use but noticed there is a camera note next to some. The camera model is IP8M-T2499EW-28MM Here are the notes in the compatibility list: Rotation can only be set...
  16. WST16

    Question Camera does not come up after a disconnection!

    Totally new to Surveillance Station and I have a problem already! I'm trying it with a Hikvision PoE H.265+ camera. Long story… I've configured it and it's working very nicely. The problem arises when I disconnect the LAN cable (cutting the power too of course, because it's PoE). The camera in...