1. jeyare

    Unifi controller: IDS/IPS needs to renew root cert

    When you found zero records in IPS, it doesn't mean you're ok. I found out that after the upgrade to the latest version of the Unifi controller, a manual upgrade of the root cert for the IPS service is required. How to check if you have a similar problem: curl -I https://ips1.unifi-ai.com you...
  2. S

    DSM 7.0 External Server Certificate not trusted while using synology.me

    Hello! I am trying to setup a remote Linux server as an ABB client for my home DS920+ which is behind a unifi router. What I've done so far: Setup synology.me DDNS with the letsencrypt certificate option Set the DDNS cert as the default for ABB Set a port forwarding rule on my router to route...
  3. WST16

    Moving an LE certificate from a dead DiskStation?

    Hi, I have a Let's Encrypt domain name (let's say xyz.com) configured on a DS that died. I want to configure xyz.com on another DiskStation. When I try it, it says "maximal certificate requests reached for this domain name". I guess I need to tell Let's encrypt to "release" the domain name so...
  4. B

    DSM 7.0 Certificates cannot be deleted

    I played around with QuickConnect just to see how it works. It created a QC certificate. So far so good. Then I switched back to the original Synology Certificate and wanted to delete the QC certificate. I also unlinked my QC ID from my DS 920+. The problem is that I cannot delete the QC...
  5. P

    DSM 7.0 Self-Signed certificate gone

    Prior to DSM 7, there was an option to generate a self-signed certificate. This is gone with DSM 7 (or at least I can't find it). Is it possible to avoid the annoying "site not secure browser" message for a NAS hosting a web site that has no internet access? The WordPress web site is only for...
  6. vivian

    Your connection isn't private - LE Cert is Valid?

    This clearly baffles me and has been for some time. Every week at various times (I have not seen a pattern yet). I get the following: I do know that the certificate needs to be valid and any URL I access needs to use that cert. Which I do and have set them all correctly in the Reverse Proxy...
  7. H

    Please Help: Issue with Nginx Proxy and SSL Certificate!

    Hi all, I've been trying to install Nginx Proxy Manager and having major difficulties getting NPM set up with Lets Encrypt. I have provided pictures of my error messages for you but I have also copied and pasted the text for your ease of reference near the bottom of this email. My current...
  8. Cobra

    Active Backup for Business "SSL certificate has been changed"

    I while ago I started using mynas.synology.me and I just found out my pc hasnt backed up in 85 days. I checked Active backup on the pc and it says "SSL certificate has been changed" which makes sense because when I go into edit connection, it is showing my IP. So I tried to replace it with...
  9. Telos

    Info Why the synology.com default certificate ?

    So why does this cert exist? Can it safely be deleted? Is it just a placeholder since DSM requires at least one certificate? On one machine in expires in several months. On another machine it expires in 2037. Why? Is this cert machine specific, or could I export/import it across machines...
  10. V

    trying to get a working certificate on RT2600ac for openVPN access

    A couple of weeks ago I updated my RT2600ac to SRM 1.2.4-8081 Update 2. Over the course of a week or so, I ended up having to hard reset the router 3 times as it would keep dropping all network connections. Unplugging and rebooting the router would not work. Each time I restored my...
  11. D

    Importing a PossitiveSSL Certificate into synology

    Good evening all, I have been using a Let's encrypt certificate for years issued to my subdomain " subdomain.domain_name.net". It happened that the script that renewed the cert had issues getting out due to some changes in the router which caused the cert to expire. I tried to renew it but...
  12. tekguru

    Let's Encrypt Certificate

    Guys I'm forwarding ports 80 & 443 on to the NAS, but I'm getting the following. Any ideas?
  13. P

    Beware: ABB will silently stop working if SSL certificate is changed

    I am positing a warning for others: If the SSL certificate on your NAS is changed, all of your Active Backup for Business tasks will stop working. But it will not show up as a failure! The tasks will still show as "successful", just as of some date in the past! This is a huge issue, as you...
  14. U

    Import existing Letsencrypt certificate - question

    Hello, I have done some research but can‘t really tell if this will work or not and also how to make it work. What I have is a VPS that currently has existing letsencrypt certificates that I would want to import to symbology (I guess that is the easy part with the import function). But will...
  15. N

    DSM is accessible via own domain address, but certificate causes problems within LAN

    Hi there, I managed to access my NAS and its various services form the WAN with a valid LE certificate. However, this certificate causes problems when my devices are within the same LAN as the NAS. E.g. on a windows machine, I get warnings and alarms from my malware protection solution, or from...
  16. akahan

    An Audiostation Certificate Auddity

    Posting in hopes of saving someone else the grief I just went through. I wanted to get Audiostation to work with Amazon Alexa. (I'm in the US, where this is supposed to work; I understand that in some other parts of the world it doesn't, by design, though I'm not sure why...anyway, I...
  17. B

    Question ssl certificate

    Hi everyone, I've got a domain exclusively for short links. Currently I'm using it under http but want to use it under https. What makes more sense, buying a ssl certificate and install it in synology or install certbot in my syno 918+ and generate a certificate via let's encrypt? Any advice...
  18. R

    Apply Let's Encrypt Certificate to UniFi Controller

    Hi All, Whilst there are a lot of details around the internet about this, they all seem out of date and no longer work. Does anyone have up to date Terminal Commands or a Script to make this happen? I was trying to follow this but got an error saying that the 'Keytool' does not exist...
  19. Rusty

    Info DigiCert ICA Replacement - URGENT

    If you are using DigiCert, have a look https://knowledge.digicert.com/alerts/DigiCert-ICA-Replacement
  20. FaasteerCZ

    Question Is there a way for automatic export a Let's Encrypt certificate to a folder?

    Hello to everyone, I had a DS214 for many years and I was very happy with its features. But I needed more space and more disks, so I upgraded to DS918 + a few days ago. And because I try to make the most of my equipment, I also started using also the Docker and in it jacobalberty UniFi...