1. G

    Chromecast not available as player in Video Station (on PC)

    Hi I'm new to Synology and Video Station so forgive me if this is a foolish question. In Video Station (launched from DSM) i cannot see my chromecast as a player option. I can, however, see my WDTVLive box, but not the chromecast. (I can see the chromecast and WDTVLive in the Android app DS...
  2. fredbert

    Docker AirConnect: Use AirPlay to stream to UPnP/Sonos & Chromecast devices

    Do you want to use AirPlay to stream from iTunes, iOS, or Audio Station and find that your player doesn't support it (or between them Apple and the player's manufacturer broke it when adding AirPlay v2)? The AirConnect approach adds an AirPlay v1 bridge between UPnP and Chromecast players. Why...