1. L

    How to clean reinstall postgresql ?

    Hello I had a crash that caused some previously working packages to not work anymore, now showing me a "pgsql-adapter.service required" error when trying to reinstall them I tried different things to no avail, including a mode 2 reset, and I still got that error once DSM7 got reinstalled (!) Any...
  2. P

    Synology Docker Clean Up

    Hello everyone, Ran into some learning curves, hiccups and wrinkles to iron out while getting media services through docker established. Along the way files were downloaded to unknown locations (appears as custom created volumes w/long strings) and there could be a host of unnecessary data and...
  3. SynoMan

    When was the last time you cleaned your NAS (outside and inside)?

    For me, that day was today :) Finally! My poor DS418play needed a complete cleaning...