cloud station backup

  1. B

    Cloud Station Backup or Time Machine?

    I heard Time Machine has some issues over the nework but is this True? How are people managing their backup from mac? Whata bout using Cloud Station Backup? Also Do some people use both Drive and a Time Machine backup on the same NAS? (I own a RS819)
  2. J

    Cloud Station Backup, selecting folders to backup

    Ok posting in here since I could not find the Cloud Station Backup section. Using Cloud Station Backup, and when selecting folders to backup there is a folder that for some reason is not showing up to select. That folder is located under the %APPDATA% folder the path would be %AppData%...
  3. jono

    Use Drive to replace Cloud Station Backup?

    I think I might have had the wrong idea about Drive, I thought it was just a sync folder like Dropbox. I've only just realised that as well as the default Drive folder you can setup more tasks to sync different folders on your computers to a Synology. At the moment I'm using Cloud Station...