1. R

    Question Replaced CMS Host and Cannot Reconnect CMS Client Device

    I needed to replace my CMS host device and was unable to disconnect a CMS client device from it first. Now that my replacement CMS host device is on the network I would like to connect the CMS client device to the new host. However, when I attempt to connect the client to the new host I get an...
  2. X

    CMS: How to add multiple NAS from the same network to manage remotely?

    Hi all, I am facing an issue with CMS and multiple NAS on the same network. I have 3 NAS at home and one NAS on a different location, the 3 NAS at home can be reached over https://ip:port but out of those 3 I can only add one to CMS. CMS always gives me an error that the NAS can not be...
  3. fredbert

    Info Launch package in managed NAS

    CMS -> Server -> select a NAS -> Applications I've only just found that clicking on an application will launch a new browser window/tab to the selected NAS and opens the application.
  4. akahan

    Verify my sad CMS observation?

    Can anyone confirm my findings?: In CMS Group & Policy settings, there appears to be a problem with waterfalling the Event Notification for "USB Drive full," under "External Storage." As far as I can tell, enabling this rule turns OFF the notifications on joined Diskstations, no matter which...
  5. Imcon

    Solved DSM notifications to CMS does not work

    We have 3 DSM servers connected to CMS and I can controll them via CMS. What does not works is the notifications. All 3 servers have all notifications to CMS switched to ON, I can see some notifications in the bar of each DSM but there is not a single notification in the CMS Control panel. Any...