1. C

    Synology Drive Compatibility List Vendor Lock hack

    I just thought I would include this from the linustechtips forums. User: Neonkoala posted on August 2nd,2022 Edit the file: /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf Then find the option support_disk_compatibility and change it from yes to no support_disk_compatibility="no" Then reboot. Synology DSM 7...
  2. N

    SSD cache, M2D18 vs M2D20 considering drive compatibility

    I'm adding SSD cache to my RP2418RP+, and I'm looking at the M2D18 and M2D20. The M2D20 would be the obvious choice given the PCIe 3.0 performance except the drive compatibility list only including Synology drives, the maximum of which is 800GB. If I go for the older M2D18, I can find plenty...
  3. S

    Double-check on DS1515+ DX513 compatibility latest DSM (7.1) version

    Hi Folks. Newbie here to the SynoForum. Had a quick browse around the forums - but with the experience of the cohort here I wanted to double/triple check my hardware compatibility with the latest DSM version from Synology. I have only ever auto-updated my NAS, but the latest OS versions...
  4. marco

    App Weemple Video Station Converter - Convert incompatible video for Video Station and DS video 1.2

    Hello! I'm a Video Station user, and I like this product, but sometime is difficult to know if a video is compatible or not with DS video on Apple TV, Google TV, Samsung TV, Video Station, etc. Therefore, I developed a Windows 10 desktop app to easily identify the incompatibles video files...
  5. G

    Confirming Memory compatibility ( Kingston -> DS 1621+)

    Hi there, I just wanted to confirm that using Kingston memories 16GB DDR4 2666MHz SODIMM KCP426SD8/16 ( 2x16 GB) on a DS 1621+ was a successfull operation, no issue for the moment. Sometimes for the european customer is quite difficult to find it.. I did on local Amazon store in Italy ( ASIN ...
  6. D

    Hdd compatible one one Synology unit but not another?

    I am running out of space already on my ds920+ and wanted to add two new drives. I currently have two 4tb ironwolf drives using Synology shr for redundancy and wanted to add two 12 tb to give a bit of space that wouldn’t get eaten up in under a year. I saw a Seagate 14tb exos ST14000NM001G...
  7. L

    Synology Compatibility Hack

    Hi. I made a hack for my Synology Devices so it uses now every hard disk i put into it. After i tested it on my 2 devices i think its ok to post it on Github so everyone can try it. I have tested it with DSM 7.0.1. GitHub - Livedeath2k/Synology-Compatibility-Hack: It's a hack to disable the...
  8. R

    Newbie Looking for Independent Products Compatibility List

    I'm a newbie who has just acquired his first NAS enclosure (DS920+), and I'm looking on which components are compatible with it. Synology's Products Compatibility List isn't very long, which I put this down to lack of testing on their part. Does anyone keep an independent Products Compatibility...
  9. Chase

    RT2600ac Compatibility with DS1520+ not listed?

    Is anyone using the RT2600 with the DS1520+? I'm wondering why they are not listed as being compatible on the Synology website? Any help and/or education would be appreciated.