1. B

    Synology Contacts synchronization of attributes "child" and "partner"

    Hi all, just bought a new DS220+. Now I try to migrate my CardDAV server data to synology contacts. With CardDAV server and MacOS it was possible to maintain the partners and childs of a contact. Is this also possible with synology contacts? BR Bodo
  2. T

    DSM 7.0 Synology Contacts to macOS/iOS contacts still not working?

    I'm setting up a DS920+ to replace our aging macOS server setup. The services I'm replacing are file services, CalDAV, and CardDAV. I've gotten the file server and CalDAV server working with macOS and iOS, but not the CardDAV server (i.e., Synology Contacts, since CardDAV server is no longer...
  3. fredbert

    Info Another post for getting Contacts to work with Mac

    Have spent some time trying various combinations of account creation credentials with Mac Contacts in Mojave* and Synology Contacts. Finally managed to get it to work, and again after deleting. I'm using a custom domain with Synology Contacts, say I also have the SSL...
  4. M

    Android contacts sync

    Hi to all. I'm slowly starting to migrate my data from the clouds to synology, where I want everything, including contacts and calendar. I installed contacts and calendar on synology, imported contacts from my google account, and installed opensync on my phone. I copied the link to sync contacts...
  5. G

    Get Contacts via PHP

    Hello :) I searching for a solution to get all contacts from Synology Contacts via PHP. But I can't find a working solution. can anybody help me? Tanks !!
  6. Shadow

    Info MailPlus update 2.2.0-1334 automatically migrates its contacts to Synology Contacts

    "Contacts in Synology MailPlus will be automatically migrated to Synology Contacts upon package update." Dunno what to think of this. Within MailPlus there it has it's own 'Contacts'...