1. Telos

    Info The vanishing container

    I learned something new today. Maybe it will help someone else... or maybe not... I had a stopped container that apparently had a port conflict which I was unaware of. When I started the container, it failed to start. So, not giving it much thought, I cleared the container. In the past, this had...
  2. F

    Stopping Container when "enable auto-restart" is checked

    I know the answer is simple, but I am absolutely struggling on finding it. I have Radarr Container configured to auto-restart. I cannot manually stop the Container to make any changes. Each time I click on Stop, it's auto-restarts. Force stop is also not working. Can someone please tell me how...
  3. Telos

    Solved Bitwarden App no longer syncing with Docker Container

    I'm not even sure where to start... I just noticed that my Android Bitwarden app was missing some entries. But I'm unsure when this started happening. I reinstalled the app and used the same DDNS: Port URL that works on my browser. I can sign into the account but there are no entries. When I...
  4. chenks

    Solved copy file into docker container

    i've got a docker installed that gives me an SQL2000 server (rsmoorthy/sql2000) it works fine, but i need to restore a database in to it. i have the database backup file, but i need to place the file inside the docker before i can import it. how do i place the file inside it? it doesn't seem to...
  5. blackbird

    Solved Netdata docker container custom dashboard

    I'm using the netdata/netdata container and it's working just fine. However, I am trying to figure out where to store a custom-dashboard.html at. The documentation says it's on /usr/share/netdata/web but such directory does not exist on the NAS. Container image...
  6. Telos

    Question Portainer on Docker... stopping container error.

    I wanted to stop qbittorrent and sonarr dockers and lazily chose to do that via the Prtainer docker. But Synology didn't like that... I got this notification. Docker container qbittorrentvpn stopped unexpectedly. I will note that these containers are linked. In Portainer, I first shutdown the...
  7. S

    Solved Docker container fix IP ?

    Hi, quick question : I've linked a Firefly-docker with a MariaDB-docker using docker internal network (172.17.0.X). However each time I restart the NAS, the containers become different IPs and I have to manually change them in the environment variables. I know there is a possibility with...
  8. Telos

    Question Docker container with fixed IP for Sonarr output

    To enable Sonarr to communicate with my downloader client, I had to enter the IP of the downloader container in the Host field. Recognizing that restarting the downloader container may cause an IP change, I'm curious if there is a straightforward means to set a fixed IP to a container. My...
  9. Shoop

    Solved Portainer : connection to endpoint down when restarting the container

    Hello, Yesterday, I decided to try portainer to see what it can do and if I can use it to manager my containers instead of DSM UI and I have successfully installed Portainer on my DS918+. It seems to work properly until I restart the container. Whenever I stop/start the container, it is not...
  10. chenks

    Solved update Docker container without losing settings?

    How do you update a docker container to a new version without losing your config? There is a newer version of Jackett out and the Docker image has been updated. I just don't want to lose all the settings and config.
  11. Shoop

    Solved [BitWarden RS] Container not able to resolve names (maybe more general network issue)

    Hi there, I have set up a self hosted BitWarden_RS with docker and everything runs pretty good except notification mails (from the start). This BitWarden was only accessed by me at first so not being able to send mails did not bother me but I was planning on giving access to some members of my...
  12. fredbert

    Info Recreate Link to a container after 'clear' image upgrade

    I was just upgrading FreshRSS and PostgreSQL containers to the latest images. (see tutorial FreshRSS: A free, self-hostable news feed aggregator) After getting the images, stopping the containers, and doing an Action -> Clear to get the latest image I found that the FreshRSS container wouldn't...
  13. Telos

    Question Mapping Windows Shared Folder to Syno Docker Container?

    I'm running Duplicati in Docker to backup my NAS. Duplicati has the option to restore to the source location or another. I want to restore to a Windows PC on the same LAN as my NAS would work. In the Docker GUI the Volume tab only allows access to the NAS. So I opened a terminal window to mount...
  14. jeyare

    Socket closed - Container Terminal is unavailable

    @Rusty - how to solve "Socket closed" message from DSM Docker Terminal console, when the DSM is behind Reverse proxy.
  15. sNASsy

    Run docker container with no access to internet

    Hi All, Synology Docker allows you to set 2 types of network interface drivers: bridge: an isolated network namespace。 host: the same network namespace with Docker host 。 At the moment i'm trying to run a docker and not alloying to connect to internet. I'm not sure if its enough to attach...
  16. wwwampy

    Docker How to update a Docker container

    Open Docker UI: Registry > search for image name you want to update > Download image Stop container Select container > Action > Clear 4...