1. DrMcFizz1e

    Question about CPUs: is XEON D-1527 really worse than an i3?

    Hi Everyone! I'm trying to decide which NAS to go for based on processor. I need a NAS that can handle Plex and also smoothly run a Windows VM (with radio station software on it), and I've had some great advice and recommendations here and elsewhere. I'm thinking about the Synology DS-1621xs+...
  2. tekguru

    initctl eating CPU

    I noticed the NA was running slowly this morning and on logging into the console it looks like initctl is eating CPU like crazy. Any ideas what this process is, and how to get it back under control - preferably without rebooting the NAS.
  3. J

    High CPU synoscgi_SYNO.Core.Package_2_list

    Hi everyone! For the last few hours, my Syno DS218+ (DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3) CPU is going through the roof, maxing at 100% for several minutes, going down to 20%, and back up to 100%, although idle. It's killing me. No Download station, no docker, no VM. No Plex transcoding either. Noone...
  4. SynoMan

    High CPU - kswapd0 process

    Hi all, I have a question about the CPU process called kswapd0. It's constantly high and it pushing up my CPU usage. As you can see my CPU is high most of the time in the day. Expect at night it goes down. I was checking my Task scheduler and there were some integrity checks for my...
  5. chenks

    high CPU usage

    any ideas what this is and why is using so much CPU?
  6. K

    Question Drive ShareSync - client vs. server

    Hi, I've started using Drive ShareSync to keep a few shared folders on two NAS's in sync, as offsite replicas of each other. Essentially I'm looking to do something like this: DS213j DS115j Folder A -> Folder A Folder B <- Folder B Folder C <- Folder C My question is: Is there any...
  7. chenks

    Solved CPU usage

    any ideas why the resource monitor widget says CPU usage is 31%, yet the task manager has it under 10% ?
  8. G

    Antivirus Essential scan hanging - cpu & memory issue

    I am using Synology's Antivirus Essential, scheduled scans are completed Monday thru Sat. This has been the second time where I noticed my cpu and memory usage has been high. When looking at the resource manager, I notice the task scheduler "Synoavscan" has been running for almost 17 hours. I...