1. Cyberwasp

    storage pool crash!!

    Hey guys. We had an outage today and my ups took care of my system. I didn't know how long it was going to be, so I shut down everything including the nas. However, upon restarting the nas it says the storage pool is degraded. drive 1 (4tb) says," system partition fail and drive 2 (16tb) says...
  2. M

    DSM 6.2 RAID 1 volume crash after power outage. Need advice.

    Hi! After moving my NAS to a different location, it turns out they do have power outages weekly... As a result NAS doesn't work properly after forth power outage. Setup: DS918+ with DSM 6.2 4+4 GB RAM (upgraded with official Synology RAM) No SSD cache 4x Seagate IronWolf 4TB (all formatted...
  3. S

    Question Storage pool in crash and blocked after disk replacement. What to do?

    Hello, a few days ago I replaced one of the DS216j disks as it had bad sectors. I used WD's RMA procedure. After reinserting the new disk and restarting the NAS, I selected the repair storage pool command. After a few minutes an error occurred and the NAS asked to restart. After rebooting the...