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    Oh, No... DSM 7.1 *REMOVED* critical SSD/NVME Cache Functionality!!! :-(

    DSM 6.2 through 6.2.4 Flash-Cache (SSD/NVME) worked great. DSM 7.01 removed only one key feature. DSM 7.1 now works entirely differently, removing many key features while adding just one feature. This post encourages discussion on the huge differences in these DSM Flash-Cache features now...
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    Reset drive "critical" state

    Ok, bear with me as I know it might sound a bit as an odd request. I am looking for a way to reset the “critical” status of a drive without actually changing it. Yes, I know what I am doing (or I hope I do)… I have a virtualisation lab setup in which I have a lab machine running ESX and one...
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    Storage Manager rejects new healthy disks as "Critical" because of "reset commands"?

    I am trying to install a new HDD in my DS1515+. The hard drives are brand new Seagate Exos X. I have bought 3 of these drives, and 1 of them works fine and is now part of my storage pool, but the other 2 gives me an error when I install them in the DS. The error is "Multiple reset command...