1. C

    User introduction Purchased DS720+, 2x 8TB Ironwolfs and 8GB Crucial

    Hello all, I finally took the leap and bought a DS720+, 2x 8TB Seagate Ironwolf HDDs, and the 8GB Crucial CT8G4SFS8266 to upgrade the RAM. I had originally planned to buy the DS220+ and 6TB Ironwolfs but had an extra inflow of $$ and the 8TBs went on sale this week. I also like the idea of the...
  2. J

    Crucial Ram Stopping error on reboot

    Ok, so I have a New DS1819+ and installed a 32GB Kit from crucial (2x16gb) DDR4 I know its not synology ram but there ram is so expensive. The problem every time I do a reboot I get that error message "Detected non-Synology memory module. Please refer to our official website and select...
  3. WST16

    Info DS220+ upgrade to 6 GB.

    If anyone is interested… I grabbed a 4 GB memory upgrade for the DS220+ (for a total of 6 GB). Crucial 4 GB Single DDR4-2666 SODIMM 1.2V CL19 (CT4G4SFS8266) For about $18 Overall, the system feels noticeably more responsive (I’m running a few Docker containers, Emby and installed vDSM). The...