1. tekguru

    Beware: Your CyberPower UPS with yellow glue inside could burn up??

    I've just read this article on Neowin. As a fair few of us use these UPS's, is it a cause for worry??? I'm trying to work out what CP1500PFCLCD variant I have.....?
  2. SynoMan

    UPS for NAS - CyberPower CP900EPFCLCD

    I just set up an important piece of equipment for my NAS and other devices - UPS. CyberPower CP900EPFCLCD - CP900EPFCLCD - Backup UPS Systems | CyberPower VA: 900 Watts: 540 Half Load Runtime ( min ): 7 Outlets: Schuko x 6 I've attached both my NAS devices (DS418play with 4x 3TB HDD and...