1. L

    Synology Photos backup stores based on modified date instead of creation date

    When photos are backed up using the Android Synology Photos app, by default they are stored in your Personal Space under the MobileBackup folder and then by the folder(s) from the phone. The backup then creates folders by year and month, which one would expect to be the creation date, but...
  2. Phone Guy

    Move files and retain orig DATE CREATED of files/folders

    When I originally setup my DS1621+ and created the shared folders for my media I did not enable data checksum for advanced data integrity, because I didn't know what it did. As I understand it, with that enabled on a folder, I can data scrub that folder to protect its contents from bit rot, and...
  3. F

    Clone file and folder date modified data when copying to NAS

    Hello All Newbie here. Just purchased my first NAS. My DS220+ is setup as Raid 1 with DSM 7. Having trouble maintaining the date of files and folders during migration. How do I copy all my files and folders from my current drive, while maintaining the date modified for all files and folders...
  4. BrotherTobious

    DSM 6.2 Unknown Taken Date Photostation 6

    Yes sports fans its another one of these. But I think my question to the hive mind might be slightly different so I beg you patience. I have many of these and I have found out the cause of it, my partner sending me the pics via WhatsApp and they all show up with no EXIF data. The date and...
  5. L

    Dates are not Date Taken, but are EXIF Date and Time (original/digitized)

    When Synology Photos imports photo files, it categorizes them by Year and Month. This should be done by Date Taken, but instead it is appears to be by Date and Time (original or digitized). If this is missing, they are categorized as year 1970 and month 01. Trying to fix this by selecting the...
  6. SynoMan

    Guide Change time and date format

    You can change the time and date format easily by clicking on the link below in the footer: The pop-up window shows up. Choose the desired format. *by default it is set to 24-hour format