1. G

    Deluge Docker

    Hi all, I just upgraded to DSM 7, and Deluge doesn't install. I'm now trying to set up a Deluge docker image (for example; Docker Hub), but can't get any of them working. By working I mean I can't access the webUI at http://ipaddress:8112 after installing the docker image. I tried other images...
  2. oRBIT

    Deluge package with VPN

    Has anyone tried configuring this one successfully in Docker? There are quite a few parameters that doesn't have any description so I have no clue to configure parts of it?
  3. chenks

    deluge docker

    anyone set up deluge in docket? i have a working transmission docker instance, but looking to test out deluge. i've got the container setup, and i can access the webui, but i seem to have a problem with any torrent starting and downloading. the setting in preferences > downloads > downloadto...
  4. A

    Question access to the deluge from out my network ??

    hello please I need info about access to deluge in synology from out my network I search allot about this case but did not find something