1. H

    Deluge problem

    Hey guys, I have a problem with Deluge in Docker. I cant log in. I write a password and nothing, requesting it again. And in log, eveytime I try to log there is this line: 23:19:40 [ERROR ][deluge.ui.web.auth :256 ] Login failed (ClientIP I have the last version. Can you...
  2. J

    DSM 7.0 Deluge on docker won't download

    Hello I've installed deluge on DSM 7. I'm trying to get the downloads going, but they start and then stop. Went to the log to see if I could find why, and I think it's an issue with permissions. 15:39:02.610 [INFO ][deluge.core.torrentmanager :675 ] Torrent yyy from user "localclient"...
  3. G

    Deluge Docker

    Hi all, I just upgraded to DSM 7, and Deluge doesn't install. I'm now trying to set up a Deluge docker image (for example; Docker Hub), but can't get any of them working. By working I mean I can't access the webUI at http://ipaddress:8112 after installing the docker image. I tried other images...
  4. oRBIT

    Deluge package with VPN

    Has anyone tried configuring this one successfully in Docker? There are quite a few parameters that doesn't have any description so I have no clue to configure parts of it?
  5. chenks

    deluge docker

    anyone set up deluge in docket? i have a working transmission docker instance, but looking to test out deluge. i've got the container setup, and i can access the webui, but i seem to have a problem with any torrent starting and downloading. the setting in preferences > downloads > downloadto...
  6. A

    Question access to the deluge from out my network ??

    hello please I need info about access to deluge in synology from out my network I search allot about this case but did not find something