1. R

    Replace Disc

    Hello. Im currently running with only 1 Disc and it now broke down on me. I can still access the NAS and the disc. I want to replace the disc with a new one, but here is my question. I have alot of data on the disc that i want to keep. I want to copy this data to the new disc, so how do I do...
  2. M

    DS920+ max disc dize

    Hi, I have a DS920+ with two Exos 10 tb drives in raid 1. I'm considering adding more storage in another raid 1 and was wondering if anyone has successfully used the Exos 16 tb drive in this unit. Thanks, Mark
  3. C

    How to mount non-ISO disc images?

    Hello, I am experiencing a blocker. The problem: - I have old discs I am ripping to Disc images for use on VM. - VMM will only seem to allow ISO images to be mounted as virtual disc. - Some Discs are multi-track/multi-session discs - Multi-track/Multi-session discs cannot be converted to ISO...
  4. J

    Time Machine on NAS, how to access them after format disc?

    Hy guys. I just changed my ssd on my MacBook Pro and now of course, I have to set a new Time Machine backup on my Synology NAS. But first, I would like to access the old backup to restore some of my files. But...I can't see the old ones and I don't understand why. I select on TM options my Nas...
  5. wwwampy

    Added 2 more discs to 4-bay NAS - not initialized?

    I had 2 discs in my 4-bay DS418play. Today I've added another 2, but it says Not initialized: Do I need to do anything after adding them?