dns server

  1. N

    DSM is accessible via own domain address, but certificate causes problems within LAN

    Hi there, I managed to access my NAS and its various services form the WAN with a valid LE certificate. However, this certificate causes problems when my devices are within the same LAN as the NAS. E.g. on a windows machine, I get warnings and alarms from my malware protection solution, or from...
  2. C

    Move my domain to own authoritative server (DS218+)

    Hello, I want make own authoritative server od my DS218+, but I have lack of knowledge. Do I need to forward ports 53 in the router to the NAS? When I make it, I don`t have internet access on DS. What do I have to ask the current server owner for? DNS Server->Zones->Create->Master...
  3. Micky

    DNS update entry fails

    Hi, I'm running the latest DNS Server (2.2.1-5023) on my DS916+ (DSM 6.2.2-24922), additionally Synology Directory Server (4.4.5-0093). I'm constantly seeing those messages in DNS Server protocol from various of my AD-clients (Windows 10 Pro): It usually starts with an error and some info...
  4. J

    add router to Domain

    Hi, I try to to add my router (RT2600ac) to my domain. But after that i don't have internet connection on my devices. I think it's a dns problem. Do i need to change the settings on my dns server? Or do i need to add a second dns somewhere?
  5. jono

    Help understanding DNS Server & NAT Loopback

    I read somewhere about NAT Loopback and if used with your own domain name and it will connect through the local network instead of connecting to it through the internet back home to the NAS. Is that correct? I followed this tutorial on setting up DNS Server Set Up a Local DNS with Synology...