1. jann

    Does the number of drives I "can lose" w/o losing integrity change depending on how full the Storage Pool is?

    I am just wondering...those of you who remember my horrific start w/my DS1520+ know that I did this wrong to begin with. Let's be nice to me and set that aside. I put drives that were too large in my Synology to begin with and had to spend tons of $$ to go up from there when I expanded. (ie...
  2. R

    DSM 7.0 DS920+ upgrade to larger drives

    I currently have a DS920+ populated with 4x 8TB wd Reds. Capacity is up to 80% so i soon need to increase the disc sizes to say 14Tbs. Is it safe to remove 1x 8tb disc and replace it with the larger disc, then repeat this process 3 more times ? I also have access to another DS920+ which I...
  3. G

    want to upgrade my NAS's they ar both 4 bay 8TB drives, I would like to get 2 drive per NAS 14, 16TB or 18 TB with the best Price/noise level

    want to upgrade my NAS's DS 420+, DS 416 play. they are both 4 bay 8TB drives, I would like to get 2 drive per NAS with 14, 16TB or 18 TB drives with the best Price/noise level, should I buy seagate Exos (cheap but noisy?), Wd Red Pro, seagate IronWolf,toshiba enterprise (cheap , noisy?)....
  4. cruzzin

    HELP... (Cache) Anyone know why my cache drives look like this? I meant to put one in for read and one in for write.

    Cache...anyone know why my cache drives look like this? I meant to put one in for read and one in for write. Pic just seems odd. Cache is stacked it looks like for read only or is that the way everyone's cache look like. Any help would be appreciated... Thanks-in-advance!
  5. Questor7

    Newb Question. Is it possible to backup RAID'd and Mirror'd Drives Externally

    Trying upgrade my DS918+ from 4 TB to 8 TB of storage. I have an external WD 4TB drive attached to the USB 3 on the NAS. Is it possible/practical to remove each drive (2 -2TB raided drives and the 1- 4TB Mirrored drive) and clone them to larger capacity drives using an External dock and cloning...
  6. TrevorH

    Drives, drives and more drives

    I originally posted this in my introduction, but I was wisely advised to post in a more appropriate forum. 🙂 My usage will be for media streaming, primary backup of photos data etc and iOS photos. I’ve pretty much decided on the DS920+ as I want 4 bays. My problems are with the HDD selection. As...
  7. M

    Migrating From Disk Station To Rack Station With “Unverified Drives”

    Hi There! My DS2413+ has bit the dust. I had it sitting on a rack shelf in my rack and have decided that I'd rather install a Rackmount Unit as opposed to a Disk Station on a shelf to save a bunch of space in my Rack. Right now the DS2413+ takes up like 7 or 8 "U" Spaces. I thought I was...
  8. P

    can I use drives listed as compatible on 1 NAS but not another?

    I realised that the HC550 is listed as compatible on the DS1618+ and not DS1621+ and synology says they've yet to test that drive. So I just want to know if it's ok to use it on the DS1621+?
  9. J

    Replacing drives with larger ones and gaining more space

    I have 4 x 6TB drives in a raid 6 with a btfs file system, can i replace the drives one at a time until each rebuilds with 14 TB drives, when and how many drives do i need to replace to get any extra space? How does the extra space present itself, is it just unnallocated space that I make a...
  10. Myka

    Wipe data off removed hard drives

    So I replaced 4 of my 5 bay DS1513 volumes with 8T drives from 3T drives, I left Vol I as a 3T drive since it doesn't host data. My question is in order to wipe my old 3T drives do I have to put them back in the diskstation? I bought a hard drive flat docking station, so I could hook up thru a...
  11. jann

    Redoing install w/smaller drives (14TB) instead of 18TB so I can expand...

    Hello, all. First post so forgive me if I either go into too much detail or too little. I was the victim of bad pre-purchase instructions from a tech at Synology. I have a Drobo 5c with 5 drives. 14TB, 14TB, 12TB, 10TB, 10TB. I wanted a Synology DS1520+ (which I bought) and it was suggested by...
  12. Cobra

    Can you reduce the number of drives in a volume?

    I have 4 8tb drives in my DS918+ but am only using 6tb of storage. Can I remove one of the drives or convert it to a hot spare? Thanks
  13. S

    Did exFAT support on external USB drives stop working?

    Hi, I have a WD My Book connected to my DS415play in one of the rear USB ports. I'm on DSM 6.2.4-25556. It was working fine until recently and then I lost the share. At the moment I have the drive plugged into my laptop and it's working fine, but I want to get it back as a shared drive on the...
  14. Cobra

    Are WD Gold drives good to use with ds918+?

    I was wondering about using WD Gold drives instead of the WD red SMR drives I have. Would the Gold be ok to use or does it need to be a NAS drive? Thanks
  15. Cobra

    Can you combine different drives with same size on DS918+?

    1. I have 2 6TB WD red drives and want to know if I can combine them with 2 6TB Iron Wolf or Iron Wolf pro? Im using SHR. Thanks
  16. P

    How to remove excess drives from storage pool and increase capacity?

    I have a 4-bay DS918+ which was originally configured with 2 drives in SHR (1 drive redundancy). I needed more space, so I added 2 more drives. My goal was to have more storage space, and still to have duplicate drives. I mistakenly chose to "convert single volume storage pool to multiple...
  17. paradeiser

    HDD Migration / just swapping drives? (DS916+ > DS920+)

    I'd like to ask the collective experience : I want to upgrade my DS916+ to a new DS920+ No change of HDDs, I just want to take the existing HDDs and move them to the new NAS. (Like I would if my current NAS breaks and I have to do an emergency-replacement of the broken NAS with existing HDDs)...
  18. R

    Mapped Drives in windows not working after less than 24hours

    Hi Everyone. I've had a DS216J for years and never had this issue... then 2 weeks back I did a major upgrade to the DS920+ and I'm experiencing an issue whereby the Mapped Drives in windows become inaccessible after a period of time (usually within 24 hours). The mapped drives still appear in My...
  19. sktn77a

    Synology DS218play and WD Gold Drives

    Hi all: I recently got a Synology DS218play NAS and 2 x10TB WD Gold drives. BIG MISTAKE! Everything works fine, of course, but the WD Gold drives are NOISY! Constant thumping/knocking noise amplified to unacceptable levels by the cabinet location of the NAS. I have 2 WD Red drives (older...
  20. C

    Trouble ReFormatting SSD Cache Drives

    I'm having trouble re-using/formatting what used to be cached SSDs for my 415+ after the 415+ died. I have 2 500gb SSD which were used in a cache rw which i had been using previously with my synology 415+. It's like both ssds died at the same time. I've tried diskpart recover/clear/activate...