1. C

    Are WD Gold drives good to use with ds918+?

    I was wondering about using WD Gold drives instead of the WD red SMR drives I have. Would the Gold be ok to use or does it need to be a NAS drive? Thanks
  2. C

    Can you combine different drives with same size on DS918+?

    1. I have 2 6TB WD red drives and want to know if I can combine them with 2 6TB Iron Wolf or Iron Wolf pro? Im using SHR. Thanks
  3. P

    How to remove excess drives from storage pool and increase capacity?

    I have a 4-bay DS918+ which was originally configured with 2 drives in SHR (1 drive redundancy). I needed more space, so I added 2 more drives. My goal was to have more storage space, and still to have duplicate drives. I mistakenly chose to "convert single volume storage pool to multiple...
  4. paradeiser

    HDD Migration / just swapping drives? (DS916+ > DS920+)

    I'd like to ask the collective experience : I want to upgrade my DS916+ to a new DS920+ No change of HDDs, I just want to take the existing HDDs and move them to the new NAS. (Like I would if my current NAS breaks and I have to do an emergency-replacement of the broken NAS with existing HDDs)...
  5. R

    Mapped Drives in windows not working after less than 24hours

    Hi Everyone. I've had a DS216J for years and never had this issue... then 2 weeks back I did a major upgrade to the DS920+ and I'm experiencing an issue whereby the Mapped Drives in windows become inaccessible after a period of time (usually within 24 hours). The mapped drives still appear in My...
  6. sktn77a

    Synology DS218play and WD Gold Drives

    Hi all: I recently got a Synology DS218play NAS and 2 x10TB WD Gold drives. BIG MISTAKE! Everything works fine, of course, but the WD Gold drives are NOISY! Constant thumping/knocking noise amplified to unacceptable levels by the cabinet location of the NAS. I have 2 WD Red drives (older...
  7. C

    Trouble ReFormatting SSD Cache Drives

    I'm having trouble re-using/formatting what used to be cached SSDs for my 415+ after the 415+ died. I have 2 500gb SSD which were used in a cache rw which i had been using previously with my synology 415+. It's like both ssds died at the same time. I've tried diskpart recover/clear/activate...
  8. atrisk

    upgrade drives or add extension box.

    I have a client that needs more space on the NAS. I have two options and would like to know what you guys think is the better option. Option 1 upgrade the existing 5 drives in the DS1618+ (new 8TB drives, currently 3TB drives) to larger disks to create the needed space. Using SHR for the...
  9. F

    Wrong capacity of hard drives

    Hi there, I wonder if you can help decipher what is going wrong here. Long story short, but I recently had a major crash where 3 disks went at the same time. I have just reinstalled my system, but now it is showing a max capacity of 7.26 TB, which is way less than what it should be. Any ideas...
  10. C

    Recommendation for DS920+ to replace WD Red 3TB EFRX Drives

    Hi All, New to forum and good to see the active discussions. Replaced my dead DS415+ last night with a DS920+. All good but now thinking that it might be a good idea to replace the drives as well and i also want some more storage space. Currently i have 3 3TB WD Red EFRX drives in SHR, all...
  11. M

    DS418 (4 bay) Can I start with a RAID1 with two drives then just add a second separate RAID1 later?

    I was just thinking of configurations and currently have two drives. I understand that I can use SHR but I'd just like to know if this is another option. If I add one or two drives later, can I make a second separate RAID1? Does it require specific settings so I don't get stuck somehow not being...
  12. M

    Migrate from a DS1512+ with 5 drives in Raid6 to a DS720+ & DX517?

    I have a weird situation and am hoping to streamline things. I currently have a DS1512+ with 5 drives in Raid6. Sometime ago I realized that the continuous writing to the raid for my SS recording was killing the drives. After a few died and I replaced the drives, I moved the SS recordings to...
  13. vwq47

    Trying to reduce versioning on a DS218+. Drives are FULL

    I have a DS218j with 2 x 4Tb drives. I'm a newbie though the system has been running maybe a year. I’m trying to reduce the number of backup versions I have on my NAS as I have run out of space. I cannot install any more or update existing utilities as I am told my storage is full. I learnt...
  14. D

    NAS RMA replacement won't let me recover drives

    Hi, my DS1815+ had to be RMA'd this week. I got sent a new one. Tried to reinsert disks in same order and switch on. Synology Assistant picks it up as Recoverable but when I try and recover it fails. Have tried multiple combinations of switiching existing drives/reboots/rescans but same outcome...
  15. dhmiltonko

    Best way to transfer from old drives

    I have two old internal drives that I would like to transfer to a big external drive. I also have a WD external drive that died (shocking, eh?). Can I buy specialty cords and migrate the old internal drives using USB and something like Easeus? Or does it require special equipment and I should...
  16. aGraphicz

    Replace drives to expand Storage Pool

    Hi I would like to replace 3 SSDs in my Storage Pool with 3 HDDs of bigger sizes (red marked ones). I know it sounds strange but i need to send back the SSDs due to a wrong initial evaluation :cautious: In the specific: - I need to replace Drive 1 with an HDD of 16TB - I need to replace Dive...
  17. NAS Newbie

    Migrating drives to a new NAS - how to handle migrating dockerized Unifi controller?

    I currently have the controller for my unifi gear running in a docker controller. However, I'm going to be doing a physical hard drive migration from an old NAS to a new one. How do I handle migrating the controller? Are there any settings within the controller that will need to be changed to...
  18. W

    Enabling TLER - WD Shucked Drives

    OK, so I'm pretty new to Synology and pretty green with Linux. I have two DS1819+ and as of now a single DS920+, although that will likely be returned. In my "primary" DS1819+ it has 4x12TB + 4x14TB all WD shucked drives. My "backup" DS1819+ has 8x12TB WD shucked drives. My DS920+ has 4x8TB...
  19. NAS Newbie

    NAS drive vs Surveillance drives?

    As stated in other posts, looking into getting some new hardware. Is there any real noticeable difference between NAS-labelled drives and surveillance-labeled drives? I'm going to have a couple extra bays, I'm considering getting some extra drives to dedicate to surveillance station, but was...
  20. NAS Newbie

    Is there a better way of mapping network drives?

    I while back I posted this thread of my mapped network drives disconnecting: Solved - Why do my mapped network drives keep disconnecting?. I thought my problem was solved, but it was not. Currently I am always re-mapping the drives using Syno Assistant. If I disconnect the computer from the...