1. Jan Janowski

    pushing envelope with older drives....

    After giving the 215J with DSM 6 and 2x 4TB Reds away to son-in-law, (Because it could not easily upgrade to V7 for the 'long term') I wanted a NAS to Experiment with V7... but $$ was tight... To keep $$ down, I bought a new 720+, stuffed with used 3rd Party 4GB Ram (6GB Total), and pulled 2x...
  2. Cyberwasp

    extra drives

    I have 3 extra 4tb Ironwolf drives and was wondering what to do with them. I bought 2 of them with my first DS920 and the third just recently. I can't use them in my current nas. Any ideas?? I have the idea of paper weights. TIA
  3. M

    Replacing Non-Verified Drives

    Hi There! Just wondering if it is possible to replace Non-Verified HDD's in a Synology RS2421+ (Drives Were Migrated From A DS2413+) with Larger Drives that are still NOT on the Verified Compatibility List? Also wondering if you are allowed to Expand your Storage Pool with drives that are NOT...
  4. S

    Move drives with data intact from one RS to another?

    Hello, I want to move drives from my RS217 full of data to an empty RS814, Can this be done as simple as taking them out of the bays they are in and putting them into bays one and two, or will I need to back it up elsewhere first? Thanks
  5. D

    Possibility of nas treating drives like a pc.

    Hi I have a couple of nas drives one a DS920+ used for plex and photos i also have a DS418 which is used for surveillance station on a single drive. I was wondering if it would be possible to use the 3 spare bays on the 418 to insert and remove drives much like you can with a pc adding files...
  6. lbutlr

    Brand new drives marked as ‘Failing'

    I have tried to add 2 different 8TB drives to my DS218+ (one at an time) and each time the Synology refuses to add the drives, claiming they are ‘failing’. I’ve putlled the drives, reformatted them on a cmomputer, scanned them, and they are both fine (brand new drives from different...
  7. R

    Transfer of Hard Drives

    Is it possible to move hard drives from one Synology to an upgrade fresh system ??
  8. O

    So are only shared folders mountable as drives?

    Im very new to NAS and slow learner. And I know, its a rather blunt and bit silly of a question isn't it. Every guide and manual says you need to create shared folders in order to work the NAS, so in a way the answer is right there. But just so I can finally rule it out in my head; you can't...
  9. animBacker857

    Shucking for beginners

    I'd love to hear thoughts from people here on shucking. I've been researching drives for my first NAS, and this term kept popping up. Is there something you wish you knew beforehand when starting? Would you say it's a simple process, or easy to screw up and not for beginners? (It seems alright...
  10. animBacker857

    Picking HDDs and Compatibility Advice

    Hello again. Been loving this forum and am learning a lot. I'm nearing my first NAS purchase, a Synology 1821+, and am checking Amazon for drives to get it with (have good experience with them and am unsure of other UK retailers like Scan and Box). The plan was to perhaps get 2 8TB drives to...
  11. Jan Janowski

    Conversation on drives

    In conversation a couple weeks ago: Was asked: “ If Synology specifies their drives, why not use them?” My Answer: “I have 30+ Year history with Seagate. — Synology has 30+ Week history making drives”. Conversation abruptly changed!
  12. Robbie

    DSM 7.1 DSM7.1 introduces new drive vendor-locking parameters

    How unfortunate am I to have 6 (non-Synology) SSDs to all go from perfect health to 'Critical' with the completely coincidental installation of the latest DSM7.1. No matter if the drive is young or older, no matter what batch they are from or how many bytes written. Or, is it a new way of...
  13. D

    DS1815+ died - Is there a NAS that can mount the drives without data loss?

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum so let me say thank you in advance for any help you can provide. I own a DS1815+ and it is stuck with a blinking blue power light and a blinking orange alert light. I have 8 - 8TB Enterprise class drives in this NAS and I need to get the data back. From...
  14. Phone Guy

    Tell me about your arrays, pools, drives and strategy.

    @fredbert has sparked my curiosity in another thread about pool size, array type and layout, etc... so those of you reading this, share with us what your pools, sizes, array type, and strategy behind it. I think we could all get some insight behind other peoples nas plans. I am sure many of...
  15. Phone Guy

    Replacing 4tb with 14tb drives expanding SHR1

    If I am going to replace 2x 4tb drives with 2x 14tb drives, then adding 2x addition 14tb drives in a 6 bay DS1621+ that currently has 4x 4tb drives (so end will be 2x 4tb and 4x 14tb) I need to replace 1 4tb drive at a time, let it resilver (or whatever the right term is), let that one finish...
  16. T

    DSM 7.0 Single HyperBackup task to multiple rotating USB drives

    I've read through a number of posts on various forums about setting up a rotating backup task with HyperBackup. I've got a USB enclosure where I can swap bare disks. I've set up a single version backup task and the task successfully completes to the first disk I've used. I then swapped that out...
  17. T

    New NAS, New Drives - New Issues (DS920+ | WD Red Plus 8tb x2)

    Hello, I was hoping to just get some confirmation or a path ahead. I just got my new 920+ NAS, along side 2 WD Red Plus 8TB disks. I plugged them in, booted up, started setup - And got the "Failed to format drive (35)" error. Tried an old slim laptop disk and setup went smooth, so i plugged...
  18. Robbie

    Synology - No Support Unless Synology Drives Are Fitted

    We did wonder if this day would come. In response to an issue with my RS1221+ in recent weeks the formal answer from Synology is that only Synology drives can be fitted in order to receive technical and/or warranty support. Indeed, they have said that all other SSD from every other...
  19. D

    Synology Add Drives

    Thanks in advance for the help! I currently have a Synology DS920+ with a single 8TB Ironwolf NAS drive in it. I have DSM 7 installed with plex, docker, etc. running on it. I use the NAS for plex mainly, but also picture and music backup on it. The 8tb drive is in basic raid setup because I...
  20. A

    how to 2-way sync to and from 2 drives on same PC to single ds216j nas?

    I have a DS216J NAS. Up until now I have stored both personal and work material on the same laptop drive (c:/) and synced this to a shared folder on my nas which is available to the rest of my network. On the nas I have already my personal and work files in separate folders of those names. This...