ds cam

  1. Z

    DS cam DS app posibility of seeing more than 2x3 cameras per screen

    I have recently purchased a ds220+ with 16 cameras, everything seems ok...except the fact in ds cam only 6 cameras can be seen at a time per screen, i have an android phone and with a cheap app like the ip cam viewer i can see up to 16 in single screen or more, anybody knows if more than 2x3...
  2. B

    C2 Surveillance DS Cam & Synology C2 surveillance station

    Hi Does anyone know if Synology are going to integrate the DS Cam app & C2 for surveillance station, it will be so much easier for viewing recordings remotely in my case via the IOS DS Cam app.
  3. Jan Janowski

    DS cam New DS CAM Released

    New DS CAM released. Regarding the issue I pointed out to synology… on small screen phones. Instead of changing “Reso:” To “Res:” which would have fixed the issue… with the existing window size. They increased the window display, blocking even more of the already small screen, but leaving...