ds file

  1. T

    DS file No longer access for DS file using domain user

    Since a few weeks I can no longer access my files, photos, etc. from my iOS devices using a domain user (e.g. [email protected]_xz). Allways getting an error saying that "Account or password is invalid. Please try again". The message is misleading as neither user nor the password actually is wrong. In...
  2. Shawzborne

    DS file Looking for a File Manager (iPhone) that is SMB compatible and has a button to expand/open folder tree

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to find a File Manager (iPhone) that is SMB network share compatible and has a button that allows you to expand the entire folder tree structure so that you can select multiple “files” from multiple “folders” and “move” them to a single destination folder all within a...
  3. P

    DS file Hide Folder (top level)

    Hi all. I have a number of Shared Folders on my DS220+, alongside folders for the Plex server and Photos app. I want to have the Shared Folders visible in the DS File app, but hide the folders that contain the Plex and Photos files. There are options on the NAS that allow you to hide folders...
  4. X

    DS file SOLVED - change download map on Android

    If I download a file from my synology nas it comes on my one+ phone in the map: storage/emulated/0/DSfile. I looked every where and on internet but can't find out how to change the destination map to the map downloads. I don't want to do the extra work for replacing. thanks for help
  5. Jan Janowski

    DS cam DS CAM DS FILE NOW MUST SEE 6.2.4 update 2 or will fail

    Title seems to say it all. Certificates have expired. They want 6.2.4 Update 2 installed on NAS’s in order to update the certificate. I do believe DRIVE “not connecting” may be this also.
  6. S

    DS file Photo Back-up stopped

    Dear All, I hope all is well. I am writing you because i am facing a very peculiar issue. DS File backs up automatically my photos on the NAS at user/photos/backup and it worked fine until April 8th (according to the last upload log). Unfortunately, since I came back from a short trip, Photo...
  7. G

    VPN SSL Certificate error

    Currently using Synology’s quickconnect method to remotely connect to my nas. We’ll use DS File for this example. I am able to connect with no issues using quickconnect. However, when I turn on OpenVPN to vpn into the nas and then try to log into ds file I receive a message stating “the ssl...