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  1. S

    DS video DS video cant play after 6 september 3.4.4-378 - IOS

    After last update to 3.4.4-378 on September 6, 2022. DS video on iphone and ipad, stop playing any video. I tested with newer and older iphones, ipads, and any can play after last update. Tested with xpenology and original DS214, and same result. Tested with integrated player, VLC, MX player...
  2. marco

    Video Station & DS video statistics

    Hi, do you know if exist a way to monitor a little bit the Video Station / DS video usage? I mean, just a way to have an idea if there are users that never use it, and others that does it frequently? Thanks!
  3. marco

    New Video Station & DS video

    Hello! I heard from a trusted source, that Synology is working on a new version of Video Station. I really hope that they will include many improvements! I like Video Station & DS video! 🎉
  4. marco

    App Weemple Video Station Converter - Convert incompatible video for Video Station and DS video 1.2

    Hello! I'm a Video Station user, and I like this product, but sometime is difficult to know if a video is compatible or not with DS video on Apple TV, Google TV, Samsung TV, Video Station, etc. Therefore, I developed a Windows 10 desktop app to easily identify the incompatibles video files...