1. P

    DSM 7 and DS1821+?

    Has anybody been able to get DSM 7.0 Beta installed on DS1821+?
  2. D

    DS916+ vs DS1821+

    Hi, I currently have a 916+ and I need more disk bays. I was thinking about buying a DX517 and create a new volume. The second option is to upgrade to a DS1821+. From what I understand, upgrading from a 916+ to a 1821+ is supported? When using the migration too, does everything is migrated or...
  3. SynoMan

    NAS DiskStation DS1821+

    Designed for scalability and performance The 8-bay Synology DS1821+ is aimed at IT enthusiast and SMB customers looking for a powerful and scalable storage solution, its business-grade backup solutions keep users safe and protected from potential data loss, while major improvements to compute...