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    Selling My DS216J

    Hi all, I recently upgraded to a new DS920+ device and so my old and now redundant DS216J is no longer needed and I'm looking to sell it on eBay. My question regards device security as I stupidly moved my drives across to the new device in haste without doing a factory reset on the old device...
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    how to 2-way sync to and from 2 drives on same PC to single ds216j nas?

    I have a DS216J NAS. Up until now I have stored both personal and work material on the same laptop drive (c:/) and synced this to a shared folder on my nas which is available to the rest of my network. On the nas I have already my personal and work files in separate folders of those names. This...
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    DS216j - best option to backup hyper-v vms

    I have DS216j and currently use Synology Driver Server for backing up my PC. I have another server with a few VM's and wanted to check if anyone know the best option to back those up. I find Drive Server a bit intermittent. Active backup for business that offers out of the box feature for...
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    DS216J cannot complete installation of DSM

    Hi I have a DS216J that refuses to pass 56% when installing DSM. I have contacted the synology support team and they have concluded that the signature is corrupted inside the unit. My question is can somehow reflash the bios or rebuilt it. I can connect to the device firmware with telnet as...