1. R

    Re-Initializing Drive in DS218+

    I know this is a very basic question but my Synology skill set is small. I would appreciate some help. I have a DS218+ that has been running for more than a year with no issues. RAID 1 with Drive 2 mirroring Drive 1 (WD 4TB). Seems recently that Drive 1 became dislodged/disconnected when the...
  2. J

    DS218+ (Move Data from WD NAS)

    Hi Have decided to upgrade my 6tb WDMyCloud. I have about 5tb of media files to move over to the DS218+. What would be the best (fastest) method for me to carry out this task? WD has very poor UI and i certainly cannot find anything on their side that would assist. Your help and guidance is...
  3. G

    synology ds218

    hi i was woundering if i could have some advice about this drive , it has got 2 x 4tb drives installed which are on raid 1 that now shows both are 3.6 tb now when i am finished copying files eg new movies it shows 2.83 tb now when i create another folder eg movie collection it shows 2.83tb...
  4. A

    DS218+ with 2x6TB is filling up - best option for HDD upgrade?

    Hi all, I have a DS218+ with 2x6TB WD Red Plus drives, that are filling up after installing Surveillance Center, I did limit the recording, but I think it's time to upgrade. 1. Is it best to just move to DS920+ (or its replacement), then add a drive? 2. Just get a larger HDD, stick to HD218+...
  5. C

    User introduction DS218 6Tb Raid 1 as distant backup and DS220j 10Tb Raid 1 as local NAS

    Hello all. I first began to use a Synology NAS as local backup for my IT developer home-office. Photos, videos and my sources. I have now retired and my photo video collection has reached 1.5 Tb, but backups of my ex-work virtual disks and old PCs still use a lot more and I haven't yet managed...
  6. Grunter

    Confusion with DS218+ DSM 7.0.1-42218 Update 4

    I received this message from Synology but there is no sign of the update either via the DSM UI or manual update process: "Auto Update has detected a new version of DSM. Please log in to Home-server and go to Control Panel > Update & Restore to install DSM 7.0.1-42218 Update 4. To learn more...
  7. A

    Replacing a DS218+ (blue flashing light of death)

    I'm new to the forum and a novice NAS user so far as technical expertise is concerned. I'd been running a DS218+ for a little over two years when the NAS box failed. Presumably the Hard Drives are OK (WD Red 4TB). The DS218+ was configured by the vendor and my experience has been with basic...
  8. N

    Who can provide DS218 Image Dump to rescue blue blinking NAS

    My DS218 is blue blinking. It turned out, that the image on the mainboard (stored in a MX25L6433F Flash Chip) is damaged. it does still look good, but its not starting. The error mesage is different each time so no clear error. This is only 8 MegaBytes of Data, but it can not be re-created...
  9. I

    DS218+ Convert From Mirrored Disks to Merged Hard Drive

    Hi, I have a DS218+ with two 12GB hard drives installed, the drives are currently configured to mirror each other. I'd like to stop mirroring the drives and change the RAID configuration so I have around 24GB of space available, the extra space is more important to me than having the files on...
  10. A

    Problem with DS218+ randomly starting up and shutting down

    Hi, I'm new to this forum - hoping someone could help me out. Can't see this issue being discussed anywhere previously. I have a DS218+ (running the latest DSM 7) which I have on a power schedule to start up the system in the morning and shut down over night when its not being used. This has...
  11. D

    DS218+ to DS220+ = lost one USB port, need help

    Moving from my DS218+ to DS220+ and noticed (surprise!) that the DS220+ has only one rear USB port. On my DS218+ I had an external USB drive and a UPS connected to the two USB ports on the back of the drive. Since there is only one port on the rear of the DS220+, will it work if I plug in the...
  12. D

    Replace DS212 w/DS220+: Questions about carrying over existing connections to DS218+

    I currently have a DS212 and DS218+. DS218+ is my main unit, DS212 is used for backup from the DS218+. I'd like to replace the DS212 as it's getting a little long in the tooth, and don't want to have to deal w/a failure in a hurry if (when) the DS212 fails. Also want to use Snapshot from one...
  13. A

    DS218+ and CAT-7 ethernet cable goes to 100mbps

    Hi all, I have a DS218+ and I've been trying to INCREASE the network speed to the device in my apartment (pre-wired CAT 5E). I was unable to maintain 1gbps on my PC, as network card would automatically downgrade after a while... what I did, ordered some Cat7 shielded cables from Amazon and...
  14. A

    DS218+ to DS920+ | Is it worth the upgrade? Usage details below

    Hi all, I have a DS218+ which has been working great, running 2x6TB WD Red Plus. I mainly use it to backup from 2 PCs, share Photos, 2 security cameras, and HEAVY Plex use! I am slowly running out of space, and my only option is to replace both drives with larger drives as I cannot add...
  15. tabl

    Redundancy possible between pools on Synology DS218?

    I have a 2 bay nas with one 4tb SSD (pool 1) and one 4tb HDD (pool 2). How do I mirror the two pools for redundancy? Detail: one of my WD SSD's failed and has been at WD for over 6 weeks without any communication from WD. Out of caution, I purchased a 4tb IronWolf HDD since I have absolutely...
  16. S

    NAS DS218+ Login Screen

    Since the last firmware update the login screen got quite ugly. It has now a white login screen and it seems I can not change that in the settings. I think before it was somehow transparent/opac? At the bottom it can have some text. There I had a description what is now somehow fliped downwards...
  17. A

    DS218+ with heavy Plex use - Upgrade to DSM 7.0.1 - or stay on 6.2.4

    Hi all, I am a newbie Synology users (6 months) or so, it's being used to backup Desktop/laptop data (using Drive), and to host all our videos, which we used multiple times a day via Plex specially for our kids. I've upgraded RAM to 4GB, but everything else is stock, no dongles, add-ons, etc...
  18. blackcat

    DS218 occasionally beeping for no apparent reason

    Hi, Today my DS218 is making occasional long beeps (roughly 10 seconds each). I can't find any errors in the DSM. I checked Control Panel - Hardware and Power (it says Reason for current beep: None), Storage Manager, and Notifications. The led lights are green. Thanks!
  19. S

    Very slow read/write speed ( NAS DS218+)

    Hello, Synology Experts, I am experiencing slow copying process between Synology and other external hard drives attached directly to Synology through USB port. Below are some screenshots of the performance.
  20. T

    DS220j / DS218j Disk Compatability

    Hello. My DS218j just hardware failed (all green case and power brick LEDs flash with the drives out). It's a little over three years old. Since I have no way to pull the data off of the disks, I thought that purchasing a DS220j and using the 218j's drives as is in the 220j would be a quick and...