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    DS218play periodically loses network connection, can't be reached - how to reboot and how to fix?

    My DS218play periodically enters a state where it can't be reached over the network. File share, web browser control panel, the Synology tool, ping from the command line, nothing reaches it. The status lights seem normal. Status, Disk1 and Disk2 are solid green, LAN flickers green, power is...
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    NAS DiskStation DS218play

    SynoMan submitted a new resource: DiskStation DS218play - Your personal multimedia library Read more about this resource...
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    NAS DiskStation DS218play

    Ideal Entertainment Center with 4K Ultra HD Capability Designed for multimedia enthusiasts, DS218play supports real-time transcoding of 4K Ultra HD source content. With the availability of centralized management, DS218play is ideal for fast file sharing and reliable backup for all types of...