1. B

    DS220j to DS720 +

    I'm currently using the DS220J and have just ordered the DS720 + so what is the simplest safest way to migrate all the data from the DS220j over to the DS720 +
  2. M

    NAS DS220j (Vmware)?

    Hi all, Can I install Vmware on my Synology NAS DS220j? I'm a new user, don't know all specs can do my NAS. Thanks Advance.. ~~John
  3. J

    DS220J reported I/O error on Disk1 and now has network connection error so I can't access it

    I am new to this technology but it seems I have had a disk failure that is now preventing me to access the DMS via the web interface. The same applies to the DS Find (Android) although it seems to still be reporting the I/O error. I have copies of the data on the drives so what is the best way...
  4. C

    User introduction DS218 6Tb Raid 1 as distant backup and DS220j 10Tb Raid 1 as local NAS

    Hello all. I first began to use a Synology NAS as local backup for my IT developer home-office. Photos, videos and my sources. I have now retired and my photo video collection has reached 1.5 Tb, but backups of my ex-work virtual disks and old PCs still use a lot more and I haven't yet managed...
  5. fredbert

    Info Blog post to install Docker (CLI) on DS220j

    Over at the Other Place there's a post that details how to install Docker binaries on a DS220j, being an ARM 7 32-bit device. It seems an interesting prospect and I see @Telos is already aware. My concern when looking at the extract tarball of binaries is that they all are assigned 'rwxrwxrwx'...
  6. M

    Face Recognition DS220J

    Hi apparently the DSM 7 Photos on my DS220J supports face recognition, but for the life of me I can't find any mention of it in the settings, according to Synology it is supported, any ideas please ?
  7. V

    DS220j + 2x 4TB Seagate, slow speed

    Hi, I recently bought DS 220j, after my very positive SOHO experience with DS418+ which was carrying 10 people for years as a primary fileserver, and is still a backup and services solution we rely on heavily. My DS 220j was bought with intention of using it as a home fileserver, mainly for...
  8. T

    DS220j / DS218j Disk Compatability

    Hello. My DS218j just hardware failed (all green case and power brick LEDs flash with the drives out). It's a little over three years old. Since I have no way to pull the data off of the disks, I thought that purchasing a DS220j and using the 218j's drives as is in the 220j would be a quick and...
  9. SynoMan

    Info DO NOT UPDATE to DSM 6.2.4 if you have a Btrfs volume (for DS420j, DS220j, DS418j, DS218play, and DS118 only)

    Officially confirmed bug for DS420j, DS220j, DS418j, DS218play, and DS118 only. DO NOT UPDATE to DSM 6.2.4: https://community.synology.com/enu/forum/1/post/142519
  10. pajczur

    How to connect with DS220j while router is in bridge mode?

    I warmly welcome, I'm a little messed up. I played some tutorials, and accidentally launched Bridge mode on my router. Now I can't get to my NAS. Even find.synology.com cannot find it. I would like to turn off this damn bridge mode in the router, but I have no idea how to do it. I dug...
  11. pajczur

    Startup DS220j when scheduled shutdown

    Hello, I would like to set Power Schedule to shutdown in the night and startup in the morning. But I am going on a trip in a few days, and I am afraid that there could be situation that suddenly I need to have access to my NAS in the night. So can I startup DS220j manually in such situation...
  12. K

    VPN Plus Routing

    Hey All, I've been looking high and low through the google machine for an answer to this and I've not been able to find one. I'm looking to use VPN Plus into my RT2600 and then forward my internal IP that I get to my DS220j and then out through the VPN on the NAS, is this possible? If so, what...
  13. S

    New DS220j – To reformat or not to reformat?

    Hi guys, I just bought DS220j and installed two new WD red 4TB in it. I want to use it for backup of older projects and larger files, so that I can keep my MacBook Air, which is now full, running smoothly. I would also like to backup everything that will be on my DS220j to the cloud, so that...
  14. A

    What might I regret most about buying a DS220j

    I'm replacing an ageing Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra2 that I use for backup, file storage and the odd BitTorrent. I'm looking at the DS220j because Synology get highly recommended and it's the cheapest in the 2 bay range. I'll use my existing disks. Maybe rather than ask what might I regret, what...
  15. Stolas

    DS220J as a back up to the DS220+

    Keeping cost as low as possible. Would the DS220J suffice as the back up target of the DS220+? Could I use the second lan port on the DS220+ for this purpose? My current back up target is a WD Mybook.
  16. S

    DS220j Mono RADARR NZBGEEK SecureChannelFailure Error

    I have mono installed on a Synology NAS DS220j so that I can get RADARR to connect with NZBGEEK indexer but I get an error testing the connection. The error is securechannelfailure. I assume this is because TLS 1.0/1.1 has been disabled by NZBGEEK and Mono needs to be updated...
  17. M

    DSM 7.0 Download Station keeps waking up my DS220J

    I am using Download Station on Beta 7 since sabnzbd cannot be used yet on Beta 7 (due to Python3 not being supported yet, I have another thread about that). But even though no folders are monitored and no jobs are running, Download Station keeps waking up my DS220J from hibernate...
  18. T

    DSM 7.0 DSM 7 Beta, and APC BACKUPS Pro 1000s and/or CyberPower EC850LCD on Synology DS220j

    Can any body please confirm weather or not if either of the 2 ups's I have is supported by dsm 7 they both worked on dsm 6.2 I cannot get either of them to stay connected... thanks... specs: APC BACKUPS Pro 1000s and/or CyberPower EC850LCD on Synology DS220j thanks a bunch in here guys... I...
  19. G

    Transmission on DS220j or other rtd1296 devices like DS218/418

    Hi, I am exploring getting a basic NAS for backup and run private torrents. I understand that there are Transmission builds for rtd1296 devices on SynoCommunity as an alternative to running Docker and torrent clients on Synology plus/Intel models. Is the Realtek RTD1296 with 512mb RAM...
  20. C

    Rancher + NIFI on Synology DS220j

    Trying to share out /volume1/kubshare settings are: Client *, Privilege R/W, Squash No Mapping, Async Yes, Non-Priv port Allowed, Cross-mount Allowed I'm getting errors like: (Nifi requires zookeeper) Error: zookeeper couldn’t mount: MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume...