1. iStone

    Windows 7/10 on DS412+

    According to Synology, DS412+ is n/a for VMM package, although I have 4GB RAM installed. (my DS412+ : Intel Atom D2700, 2.1Ghz/Dual Core/4G RAM) Is there anyway to install via e.g. VirtualBox or this github repro to install Windows 7? thanks! ------- According to DS412+ spec: "VMware® /...
  2. I

    DS412+ to DS1621+ migration

    Well I’m finally replacing my well aged DS412+ with the DS1621+. The current DS412 is Ext4 and I’m going to be using BTRF on the new NAS. That being said I need to migrate about 8TB from old to the new and I’m dreading copying 8TB. What are the best options for a speedy migration? I fear the...
  3. D

    My DS412+ can't power on

    Hi All, My DS412+ can't power on (No light at all in NAS). After I took out all hard disks also same. What i found out as below. -Before pressing the power on, network port has green light but when i press the power on from NAS, network port green light also gone. - After that I unplug the...
  4. D

    Non-zero drive reconnection count on new HDD

    So my older backup NAS, a DS412+ that I repurposed as a backup NAS after upgrading to a newer DS1015+, was starting to run a bit short on space. The existing drives were two HGST 4GB HDDs (HDN724040ALE640), one Toshiba N300 4TB drive (HDWQ140) and a remaining Seagate 3TB drive (ST3000VN000) that...
  5. O

    Question DS412+ not booting: serial console shows EFI Internal Shell missing boot devices, but EFI partition on internal storage seems intact

    Hey everyone I am having issues booting my DS412+ that appeared after I had shut it down for just a while to reposition the unit. The unit does start, the fans work fine, but I am not getting any startup sound, only the blue LED blinking forever. The disks do not even spin up anymore and the...
  6. Sultani

    Question How to change Disk Station Identity in the Firmware?

    Is it possible to alter/hack a DS412+ ID to RS814+ or a DS415+ ID to RS818+ to accept unsupported DSM installation successfully? Both pairs have the same CPU & the number of HDD bays, except the physical layouts are different. This has been done successfully to a few Synology Disk Stations to...