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  1. J

    User introduction Hello all (DFS920+ DS918+ DS414j)

    Hi, I just joined - I've got three Synology NAS devices at home, a DS918+ and DS920+ both with 4x18TB SHR2 and a DS414j that has 4x4TB and really isn't being used any more, All running DSM 7.1. As a day job I'm a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google. I've been building and running Linux...
  2. L

    Migrate data from DS918+ to DS1621xs+

    As the subject line suggests, I want to migrate a lot of data from the DS918+ to the DS1621xs+. On the surface this seems like a simple, albeit, time consuming task.... but I'm loosing data. The file structure of the DS918+ was not optimal, When the DS1621xs+ was put in service, we attempted...
  3. rtoledo2002

    User introduction Plex rules on my ds918+

    Greetings to everyone. I love the ds918+ and run a Plex server for my household with 20 terabytes of movies and TV shows . no commercial heaven. I buy a lot of TV show DVD's on amazon and just dump them into the Plex server I do run Transmission occasionally so , I have no plans to update to...
  4. J

    DSM 6.2 configuration backup Ds918+

    Good morning When I try to backup the DS918 + configuration it tells me: Operation failed. Please log in to DSM again and try again I've rebooted multiple times and the same message keeps getting I have a 918+ with DSM 6.2.4 Can you help me?. I'm quite a newbie at this I sure have touched...
  5. N

    DS918+ total capacity limited at 20TB after expansion

    My DS918+ used to have 2 storage pools with 10 TB drive each. I added 2 12 TB drives into my NAS under the first storage pool. The total capacity is now 20TB, instead of 31 / 30 TB I was expecting. I upgraded to DSM7 but it doesn't help. When I click the ellipsis button, I can't see Modify Size...
  6. S

    DS918+ bricked

    Hi, I’m new to the forums. Posting here to ask about possibilities for repairing a seemingly bricked DS918+. I’ve removed all hard drives. RAM stick and power supply are tested known good (using a working DS918+). Blue power button light blinks endlessly and the unit never beeps. I...
  7. oRBIT

    Getting bored of my DiskStation :(

    The hype was pretty big for DSM7. After a huge(?) delay it was finally available but it didn't have any killer features for me. "Photos" was a HUGE disappointment, I previously spent alot of time with Photostation but I have hardly touched my photos in months.. Why? Because all features are...
  8. tekguru

    Connecting to the DS918+ from an apple Mac Mini

    This is one that's bugged me for a while. My NAS and Mac Mini are plugged into ports on my Router (Netgear Orbi RBK53S). The Mac Mini also connects via WiFi (to allow the use of the Apple Watch to unlock the Mini). The issue is that in 'Finder' and 'Forklift' file managers on the Mac the MAS...
  9. Cobra

    Can ds918+ wake a pc for backups?

    Using dsm7 can Active backup for business, wake my pc for backups and if so how? When I used windows home server years ago it would wake the pc then back it up. Thank you
  10. M

    DS918+ DSM7 Win 10 always random BSOD

    Hi, Ive had my DS918+ for a while and recently updated to DSM7, Ive never used the VMM before on a Synology and i installed the latest Windows 10 build to run a small application so i didn't need to leave my pc on 24 hours anymore. VMM setup fine and all installed. All latest package...
  11. T

    Firewall Hardening, anyone use IPSET with a Synology box?

    Hello, My question revolves around the Synology Firewall and IPSET integration. Setup is a DS918+ for a small company (5 office workers). They have a subdomain and have to share links with the outside world/file upload requests. They have both internal and remote users. We have forwarded...
  12. tekguru

    External Access in Control Panel on DS918+

    Okay guys a newbie here as far as remote access is concerned..... So far I've set up a DDNS entry in the External Access part of the control panel, let's call that hostname MYNAS.synology.me. I've also set up a CNAME record on my web domain, let's call that MYNAS.MYDOMAIN.COM. If I try to...
  13. oRBIT

    Periodic noise from harddrives in my DS918+

    This is driving me nuts. From time to time, all drives on my first volume starts reading/stopping/reading etc. I have no idea what it does. Index-service doesn't seem to be working. Storage-application doesn't say anything about scrubbing etc. I can't see any activity that can cause this. I see...
  14. Arvag

    User introduction from DS209+ to DS918+

    Hi ! I'm an "old" user of Synology NAS, since the DS209+ that still works perfectly with dual 1 TB drives. Since 2020, I upgraded to a DS918+ with 4x8TB drives to store work and personnal documents, run Surveillance, and some Docker containers like TeslaMate. I live in France, and work in IT...
  15. A

    BookSonic on Docker (Folders)

    Hello. I'm trying to install booksonic on my 918+. I can access my audiobook from the local network but, how do I make it accessible (safely) from internet to use with the booksonic app (Android) ??
  16. E

    Replace DS918+ OS with Debian/Ubuntu?

    I recently got a Synology DS918+ NAS. I would like to replace the built in OS (DSM?) with just stock Debian (or Ubuntu). Is this possible? How can I do it. I've installed lots ofd Ubuntu/Debian servers and desktops, I've set up dozens of RAIDs, accessing this through a SSH terminal is my natural...
  17. H

    Question migration from device DS918+ to DS1621XS+

    Hi, I would like to ask you about some my uncertainties regarding the very close future migration from device DS918+ to DS1621XS+. I am going to migrate from the one device to the another by the exchanging HDD. My actual DS918+ contains in total 4 HDD in the setup of two volumes (volume1 and...
  18. itherseed

    Question Sudden death of a DS918+

    For some reason, today my NAS just turn itself off. When I try to start it, the blue start button blinks for like 10 seconds and turn itself off again. When I remove all the drives, it is up again but the power light bilnks indefinitely. I can access the web interface but there is nothing there...
  19. Shoop

    Question GIT - Grafana InfluxDB Telegraf - DS918+ monitoring dashboard (and more to come)

    Hello all, I have installed GIT yesterday to create a dashboard allowing me to see the status of my NAS but now that it's installed with a dashboard I found online (ID 9961) which relies on SNMP and works like it should (I think), I don't know how to fully customize what Grafana is showing me to...
  20. T

    Migrate from DS418 to DS918+ - possible with HDD swap?

    Hi all I've a DS418 with 4x4TB drives in an SHR volume. File system is ext4. The DS418 is running DSM 6.2. Main use is a file server for videos and photos. I'm looking to purchase a DS918+ to take advantage of more power and upgradeable RAM to hopefully speed up thumbnail creation etc. Looking...