1. Shoop

    Question GIT - Grafana InfluxDB Telegraf - DS918+ monitoring dashboard (and more to come)

    Hello all, I have installed GIT yesterday to create a dashboard allowing me to see the status of my NAS but now that it's installed with a dashboard I found online (ID 9961) which relies on SNMP and works like it should (I think), I don't know how to fully customize what Grafana is showing me to...
  2. T

    Migrate from DS418 to DS918+ - possible with HDD swap?

    Hi all I've a DS418 with 4x4TB drives in an SHR volume. File system is ext4. The DS418 is running DSM 6.2. Main use is a file server for videos and photos. I'm looking to purchase a DS918+ to take advantage of more power and upgradeable RAM to hopefully speed up thumbnail creation etc. Looking...
  3. Furbz85

    Best NAS for Capture One/Photo Editing

    Hi Syno-Users! I am brand new at this forum, so please forgive me for any mistakes I've made in finding the right place to start this post. I have been using the search function, but I have not found any answer nor question that gives me the right info. First the story: At this moment I am...
  4. O

    SSD-cache on DS918+

    When I'm creating a NVMe cache on my DS918+, DSM allows me to select the size of the cache. What's the purpose for this since I obviously can't use the space I'm not allocating as cache for anything else?
  5. My little humble abode

    My little humble abode

    DS918+, DS218+ and a RS820+
  6. WST16

    Question Is it still a good time to buy a DS918+?

    Hi all, The price of the DS918+ keeps on falling! Is this an indication of a replacement on the horizon or is it just the supply vs. demand during the product’s lifecycle? With the introduction of the DS1019+, I’m thinking that Synology won’t jeopardize the sales of this new module too early...
  7. O

    Question Lots of disk activity on my DS918+ when computer starts

    It seems like everytime I startup my computer, my NAS starts to do alot of disk IO for a long time and I have no idea why. I've mapped a few network shares in Windows Explorer and I'm using Synology Drive aswell but I find no reason why the disks are working that much.. Resource Manager on my...
  8. D

    Question DS918+ and Amcrest camera support

    Hello, I'm planning on purchasing the DS918+ for home use and surveillance. I have picked out the Amcrest cameras I would like to use but noticed there is a camera note next to some. The camera model is IP8M-T2499EW-28MM Here are the notes in the compatibility list: Rotation can only be set...
  9. B

    Replace 4TB drive with 8TB in DS918+

    Hi everyone, I have a Client's DS918+ with 4 hdds, 1 x 8TB and 1 x 4TB for storing backups. 2 x 4TB drives in Raid 1 for other stuff. The 1 x 4TB is getting full so I'm replacing it with an 8TB drive. How can I replace it with the 8TB drive without losing any data? Also, can I format the 8TB...
  10. O

    Question Good bittorrent client?

    I've been using DownloadStation for many years now on my Synology but the thing that bothers me is the "temporary location"-stuff. I can't see files while downloading them (without using Putty or similar anyway). So, what are people using, anything else? I've checked out the standalone...
  11. SynoMan

    NAS DiskStation DS918+

    SynoMan submitted a new resource: DiskStation DS918+ - Powerful and scalable 4-bay NAS for growing businesses Read more about this resource...
  12. SynoMan

    NAS DiskStation DS918+

    High-speed scalable storage server Synology DS918+ is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and IT enthusiasts. With a powerful built-in AES-NI hardware encryption engine, DS918+ provides exceptional encrypted file transmission. Also capable of transcoding up to two channels of...
  13. C

    Ds918+ issue connecting via wifi

    Hey guys, I'm having issues connecting via wifi to the ds918+. I can connect to shared folders via windows explorer in Windows 10 and via lan up address no problems when connected to Ethernet. When connected to wifi I can connect with ip but can't connect to shared folders in file explorer...
  14. johntdavis

    Question Practical Difference Between DS918+ and DS 620slim?

    Hello, I'm interested in buying my first NAS, and in the 6 bay category, these two caught my eye. I'm curious what the actual practical difference is between them. I can see the difference in the specs (the most critical seeming to be the difference in CPU cores), but without practical...
  15. scoobs

    DS918+ Single vs Dual Channel RAM benchmark

    Due to a lack of benchmarks with regard to single vs dual channel RAM I decided to perform a quick test using the phoronix-test-suite using the docker container phoronix/pts using the ramspeed test. I have 2 sticks of Synology DDR3L 1866MHz 4GB, performed one run with a single stick and the...