dsm 6

  1. C

    DSM 6 + RAID5 + SHA : Disk expansion strategy

    Hi, I'm looking forward for some advices on how to safely proceed to a disk upgrade of a cluster (SHA) of 2x 1513+ (5 bays) needed with 4 x 3Tb drives + 1 x 3tb Hotspare drive. The idea is to replace all 3Tb drives by 6Tb drives. Current setup: In resume : Storage Pool 1 (Main) is using 4...
  2. M

    DSM 7.0 How to upgrade from DSM 6 to 7 on Virtual Machine?

    Hi - I have a VM running DSM 6 and it works well. Just upgraded my DS918+ to DSM 7 today and it went smoothly. However, when I try the same for my VDSM it fails. Anyone know how to upgrade from 6 to 7 when it's hosted on a VM? When attempting to download from within the VM, I get a "Failed...
  3. fredbert

    DSM Update DSM 7 now pushed as update in DSM 6

    Today my last DSM 6 NAS started to alert that the upgrade to DSM 7 is available: the upgrade can be initiated from within Control Panel. Once downloaded it then offers an Upgrade button. Prior to this to upgrade required the installer to be downloaded from Synology's Download Center and then...
  4. fredbert

    Info Accessing online Help pages for DSM 6 and 7

    At the moment there's a good chance that questions about DSM 7 will be asked, but not everyone that can help will have migrated to DSM 7. @SynoMan has added the DSM version tag for thread subjects: hopefully people will be using this when asking for help. In general the solution will probably...
  5. M

    What is Cloud Station Alternative in DSM 6.2.4

    I want realtime sync PC folder ans NAS folder in same network. All solutions are about Cloud Station but there is no Cloud Station in my package center. I've tried to install manuelly but it said 'no support'. Can you tell me a solution ?
  6. S

    home folders messed up

    Hello again, I wanted to move data from my old NAS to the new one and i followed the above procedure. 1. Export the configuration from the OLD and imported to the NEW 2. I manually synchronized the shared folders with "Shared Folder Sync", even the homes shared folder 3. Finally changed the IP...
  7. Rusty

    Tutorial DSM 7 to DSM6 downgrade

    If you are not familiar with Synology and their DSM OS it would be good to know that when it comes to updates, there is only one official way, forward. Meaning you can't downgrade DSM back to previous versions. Now, this is not entirely true as there was an unofficial way to downgrade that is...