dsm 6.2

  1. K

    DSM 6.2 Hyper Backup Transfer Encryption

    Hi, I have two Synology NAS's, one in my home and another in a remote location. The remote Synology connects to an OpenVPN server in my network, and the two NAS's backup to each other using Hyper Backup. My NAS points to the remote Hyper Backup vault on it's VPN IP address (10.5.x.x) and the...
  2. ed.j

    DSM 6.2 Is it possible to expand an SHR volume on a DS416slim using the USB3 port?

    Basically my DS416slim uses Shared Folder Sync to mirror a folder on my main NAS. The 416 is running out of space and it already has the biggest possible HDDs in it (2TB x 4). I've not really got much use for this NAS other than as a mirror for this folder, so if I can't expand the space it's...
  3. M

    DSM 6.2 RAID 1 volume crash after power outage. Need advice.

    Hi! After moving my NAS to a different location, it turns out they do have power outages weekly... As a result NAS doesn't work properly after forth power outage. Setup: DS918+ with DSM 6.2 4+4 GB RAM (upgraded with official Synology RAM) No SSD cache 4x Seagate IronWolf 4TB (all formatted...
  4. B

    Oh, No... DSM 7.1 *REMOVED* critical SSD/NVME Cache Functionality!!! :-(

    DSM 6.2 through 6.2.4 Flash-Cache (SSD/NVME) worked great. DSM 7.01 removed only one key feature. DSM 7.1 now works entirely differently, removing many key features while adding just one feature. This post encourages discussion on the huge differences in these DSM Flash-Cache features now...
  5. M

    DSM 6.2 Configuring printer server

    Trying to add my (very) old Canon MX860 to my DSM 6.2 config. I have added it by IP address, configured it as BJNP and enabled 'Apple Wireless Printing'. It is detected by Apple clients and all seems OK, but when they do a print preview it is in black and white. When looking through their...
  6. Telos

    DSM 6.2 Plex SPK uploads failing

    Over the past few months, Plex SPKs have uploading issues when manually updating Plex. After I select the SPK, it takes at least a minute before the first signs of upload appear on the Synology widget. This then stretches out for 2-3 minutes before a pop-up window appears that tells me...
  7. C

    DSM 6.2 Data Backup and upgrade to Brtfs

    Dear all, I need some help in how to upgrade my 1513+ storage space to Brtps so I can start to use Synology Drive. My NAS is operating under DSM 6.2. Currently, I got 3 HDD running on raid 5. The storage pool said I am using 3.5TB/5.4TB. I got 1 dummy HDD as volume 2 which I normally use...
  8. aGraphicz

    Cannot connect external drive to PC

    Hi there :) I use USB Copy to trigger a backup on an external SSD as soon it's plugged. I needed to check what's on the SSD when I was on the go but when I plug it to my Mac I cannot see any files. Or it's not detected. However when plugged to the NAS I can see them. How come? There is a way...
  9. S

    DSM 6.2 Mapped drive inaccessible when Internet is down

    Hi All. I have a DS418 configured with static IP for a small office. It's connected via LAN cable to an Asus RT-AC68U router. Windows clients connect to the Asus router via WiFi and access the Synology using mapped drives. The weird thing is when there is an Internet outage, the mapped drives...
  10. G

    DSM 6.2 Hyper Backup lock

    Hi. I have a Hyper Backup rsync copy (single-version) task, which is stuck. By stuck I mean that it shows progress 11% and doesn't move anymore. The remote is online. Worse ... cancelling the task is the only way out, but this gets stuck as well, meaning Cancelling is shown for one day now...
  11. B

    DSM 6.2 Deleting images/volumes where "unused" tag is indicated.

    Hi, Is it secure or maybe recommended to delete items marked with the unused tag in the image list / volume list in portainer? (I would say it has to do with backups after updates, and thus I could save some wasted disk space, am I right?)
  12. B

    DSM 6.2 How to backup portainer settings

    Hi everyone, in order to update my portainer version from 2.1.1 to current 2.11, it is recommended to initiate a backup first. The issue is that I don't see how backup can be deployed. Any help will be appreciated on this.
  13. G

    DSM 6.2 Manually modify Log Center DSM configuration

    Hi. I did some tests with the Log Center in order to experiment with remote client/server syslog exchanges. Now I would like to reset these settings back to default on client and server side. For example, I selected on server side: Log Center > Archive Settings > Storage destination for...
  14. G

    DSM 6.2 Traffic Control for WAN (Internet) only

    Hi. DS1819+, DSM 6.2 Is it possible to use Traffic Control to only limit bandwidth to WAN IPs? Only 1 (physical) LAN cable is connected to the router. So far, I used the CP > Network > Traffic Control to limit the bandwidth due slow Internet connection, but this also limits my Gbps LAN at the...
  15. A

    DSM 6.2 Upgrade to DSM 6.2.4-25556 Update 3 - BROKE PLEX

    I just upgraded DSM to 6.2.4-25556 Update 3, and now Plex is not working properly! It gets stuck at 99% CPU and doesn't play videos. My Plex version is - which I believe is the latest, but I haven't received a notice to upgrade for months. Has anyone else seen the same...
  16. horizonerix

    DSM 6.2 MailServer, Router Setup - need serious help

    Hi, I'm a bit new on setting up the Synology Mail Server and can't get it to work properly :-( . Guess config of router or ISP isn't ok and need help and support. NAS DS218+ running DSM 6.2.4, WAN cable modem with router using 10.0.0.x, another Synology router RT1900c running SRM 1.2.5...
  17. J

    DSM 6.2 configuration backup Ds918+

    Good morning When I try to backup the DS918 + configuration it tells me: Operation failed. Please log in to DSM again and try again I've rebooted multiple times and the same message keeps getting I have a 918+ with DSM 6.2.4 Can you help me?. I'm quite a newbie at this I sure have touched...
  18. C

    DSM 6.2 DX513 - Suddenly, all volumes in "Assignment status faulty".

    Hi, Suddenly, after a reboot I did manually to my system (DS415+ and DX513), the 3 volumes of my DX513 gave volume error (see attached images). Luckily the data is fully readable so I extracted 90% of the data to an external USB disk. Once the data was copied, I deleted the volumes, recreated...
  19. Compstuff

    Active Sync Won't Install on DS216+II

    Hi, I have a DS216+II running 6.2.4-25556 update 2. I have Active Insight enabled in Support Center. When I run usr/syno/bin/synopkg status ActiveInsight it says No such package ActiveInsight Status: [255]. So I run Package Center and their is no Active Insight package there. So I go to...
  20. B

    DSM 6.2 HDD Migration from DS1815+ to RS3617xs possible?

    Hello together, we have an old DS1815+, which does not boot anymore. I checked the Power Supply via two different ATX Power Supply testers and the first one shows the 12V with an error and the Second tester shows an error with the 8-PIN connection (I assumed that is a 8-PIN CPU connection)...