dsm 6.2

  1. horizonerix

    DSM 6.2 MailServer, Router Setup - need serious help

    Hi, I'm a bit new on setting up the Synology Mail Server and can't get it to work properly :-( . Guess config of router or ISP isn't ok and need help and support. NAS DS218+ running DSM 6.2.4, WAN cable modem with router using 10.0.0.x, another Synology router RT1900c running SRM 1.2.5...
  2. J

    DSM 6.2 configuration backup Ds918+

    Good morning When I try to backup the DS918 + configuration it tells me: Operation failed. Please log in to DSM again and try again I've rebooted multiple times and the same message keeps getting I have a 918+ with DSM 6.2.4 Can you help me?. I'm quite a newbie at this I sure have touched...
  3. C

    DSM 6.2 DX513 - Suddenly, all volumes in "Assignment status faulty".

    Hi, Suddenly, after a reboot I did manually to my system (DS415+ and DX513), the 3 volumes of my DX513 gave volume error (see attached images). Luckily the data is fully readable so I extracted 90% of the data to an external USB disk. Once the data was copied, I deleted the volumes, recreated...
  4. Compstuff

    Active Sync Won't Install on DS216+II

    Hi, I have a DS216+II running 6.2.4-25556 update 2. I have Active Insight enabled in Support Center. When I run usr/syno/bin/synopkg status ActiveInsight it says No such package ActiveInsight Status: [255]. So I run Package Center and their is no Active Insight package there. So I go to...
  5. B

    DSM 6.2 HDD Migration from DS1815+ to RS3617xs possible?

    Hello together, we have an old DS1815+, which does not boot anymore. I checked the Power Supply via two different ATX Power Supply testers and the first one shows the 12V with an error and the Second tester shows an error with the 8-PIN connection (I assumed that is a 8-PIN CPU connection)...
  6. M

    DSM 6.2 log center verbosity?

    Hello , I have a Synology NAS DS2413+ running DSM 6.2.4-25556 I also have the Log Center Package installed. Is there a way through the DSM or cli to increase the log verbosity? I ask because we had a problem with the DiskStation getting into a weird state and becoming unresponsive. We had to...
  7. G

    DSM 6.2 is it safe to upgrade to docker version 20.10.3-0554

    Hello, i am still on DSM 6.2 and docker version 18.09.0-0519 i want to upgrade to the latest version 20.10.3-0554 but am not sure it is save to do so. the reason for hesitating is i read in another thread that after upgrading there is an btrfs error "failed to register layer: failed to create...
  8. M

    DSM 6.2 How can I restore /usr/sbin/iptables?

    In trying to fix another issue, I ran the following command: ln -sf /usr/sbin/iptables-legacy /usr/sbin/iptables When that failed to fix the issue, I tried to undo it with the following: rm /usr/sbin/iptables ...and caused my own demise. Unfortunately, that broke my Docker images including...
  9. M

    DSM 6.2 Setting up Storage Manager HDD Logs

    Hello. I have a DS1019+ DSM 6.2.4. I can't seem to find the settings to see the logs from my hdds. Under Storage Manager in the Logs Tab, I am receiving the notice "No Logs Available." How do I set it up to view the logs? Thanks in advance.
  10. forkless

    DSM 6.2 ABB Linux agent 2.2.0-2074-x64

    I recently started using (2 months or so) above agent to do nightly backups from a Debian box. The other day I noticed the backups stopped coming in. After a quick look at the ABB interface I noticed that the task no longer was able to manually backup. Upon further inspection it said that the...
  11. G

    DSM 6.2 Change Drive sync behaviour upon folder share

    Hi. If I share a folder in my Drive with another user, who uses Windows (3.0.1) or macOS (3.0.1) Drive Client, I only see a shared folder in "Shared with me" after I go to: Synology Drive Client > Notifications > Sync this item I would like that this folder becomes visible immediately when...
  12. A

    DSM 6.2 Can't acces smb after admin password change

    Hello. Today i change admin password and activate 2-way verification. After that I can't connect to smb share. I try: - turn off 2-way verification and change password - ssh to synology and smbpasswd -a - delete smb.conf and replace it with default on. - different users (not only admin) Nothing...
  13. Telos

    DSM 6.2 How to edit Docker container files with Portainer console

    I'm running qBittorrrentVPN in Docker. My problem is likely relevant for qBittorrent as well. I wanted to update the Jackett search plugin. The default setting uses IP and no API key. The jackett.json file with this information resides at...
  14. Lewis

    DSM 6.2 Active Backup free up space on Volume ?

    Hi, I have DS 1817+ and last year I've setup Active backup for my 3 PCs and all is running fine and automated (no problems there). Think i want to know is how i can adjust how much HDD space on my volume is Active backup is gonna to use? It seems it reserved itself some hefty sum (over 10TB)...
  15. m4v3r1ck

    DSM 6.2 [Log Centre] Clearing old syslog data entries - IP-addresses / hostnames - in listing for overview.

    First post here. I have no clue how and where to clear all the old data entries from past networks and/or devices. To select 3 hostnames for the overview, I have to scroll thru a long list of non existing (anymore) IP-addresses and/or hostnames. I reached out to Synology, but they came back...
  16. G

    DSM 6.2 Drive recycle bin restore - partial failure

    Yesterday a folder within Synology Drive was accidently deleted. I was able to see this folder and files in the recycle bin, I then attempted a restore from the iOS mobile drive app. In the notification center I got "Failed to restore Folder Name" Partial failure. It appears that the folder was...
  17. C

    DSM 6.2 Active Backup log files

    Hi, After restoring a full drive I get a warning that the restore task was only partially completed. I can see from the log file that - most likely - the path names for a number of the files were too long. However, retrieving these files by referring to the log file under "activities" is a...
  18. Telos

    DSM 6.2 📅 One -way syncing ?

    I ran across this in the Knowledge Center: Ref At first, this concerned me, but my test edits using the Synology Contacts WebGUI, are synced to my CardDAV clients. So... what is this telling me? edited typo... thanks to Shadow
  19. jann

    DSM 6.2 Surveillance Station timezones per-camera

    Does anyone know if Surveillance Station allows Time Zone settings on a per-camera basis? I live in FL and the Synology is here, but my in-laws' cameras are in California and I have them recording on my Synolgoy. The time stamps of files are 3 hours behind. I *can* write a perl script to go back...
  20. V

    DSM 6.2 Newbie Question: Does VPN server perform the functions of a paid VPN service?

    Hello, Does the VPN server included with DSM allow me to make secure connections from computers on my home LAN to websites on the internet, or does it only allow an external computer to securely connect to my NAS? If this VPN server does not work like a traditional paid VPN service, is there...