dsm 6.2

  1. m4v3r1ck

    DSM 6.2 [Log Centre] Clearing old syslog data entries - IP-addresses / hostnames - in listing for overview.

    First post here. I have no clue how and where to clear all the old data entries from past networks and/or devices. To select 3 hostnames for the overview, I have to scroll thru a long list of non existing (anymore) IP-addresses and/or hostnames. I reached out to Synology, but they came back...
  2. G

    DSM 6.2 Drive recycle bin restore - partial failure

    Yesterday a folder within Synology Drive was accidently deleted. I was able to see this folder and files in the recycle bin, I then attempted a restore from the iOS mobile drive app. In the notification center I got "Failed to restore Folder Name" Partial failure. It appears that the folder was...
  3. C

    DSM 6.2 Active Backup log files

    Hi, After restoring a full drive I get a warning that the restore task was only partially completed. I can see from the log file that - most likely - the path names for a number of the files were too long. However, retrieving these files by referring to the log file under "activities" is a...
  4. Telos

    DSM 6.2 📅 One -way syncing ?

    I ran across this in the Knowledge Center: Ref At first, this concerned me, but my test edits using the Synology Contacts WebGUI, are synced to my CardDAV clients. So... what is this telling me? edited typo... thanks to Shadow
  5. jann

    DSM 6.2 Surveillance Station timezones per-camera

    Does anyone know if Surveillance Station allows Time Zone settings on a per-camera basis? I live in FL and the Synology is here, but my in-laws' cameras are in California and I have them recording on my Synolgoy. The time stamps of files are 3 hours behind. I *can* write a perl script to go back...
  6. V

    DSM 6.2 Newbie Question: Does VPN server perform the functions of a paid VPN service?

    Hello, Does the VPN server included with DSM allow me to make secure connections from computers on my home LAN to websites on the internet, or does it only allow an external computer to securely connect to my NAS? If this VPN server does not work like a traditional paid VPN service, is there...
  7. V

    DSM 6.2 Installing Plex via Package Center vs. Manual Install

    Hello, I would like to install Plex on my DS920+ running DSM 6.2.4, and I'm wondering about the pros and cons of installing via the Package Center vs. Manual Install. It looks like the version of Plex in the Package Center is behind the latest version available directly from Plex. Is it true...
  8. C

    DSM 6.2 Android App to organize Tasks from Synology Calendar

    Hello, I am using DAVx5 for synchronization. I basically know two applications for changing tasks: OpenTasks aCalendar+ But they don`t perfect. I use Business Calendar for Events but does not handle tasks via CalDav. What are you using?
  9. fredbert

    DSM 6.2 Synology Drive v3 out of Beta

    For those holdouts that hadn't installed the beta of Drive v3 on DSM 6, I've just had the package out-of-date notification caused by v3 being moved out of the Beta channeland it is now the main version in Package Center. After updating the package I had Mac Drive clients display an warning on...
  10. F

    DSM 6.2 Albums sharing - newbie question

    Hi All, I just started with a Synology NAS and installed Photo Station a few days ago. How do I make an album accessible only to those people I give them a link? I would'nt like these people to need to "login", just have access to this only folder. How do I have to configure the access...
  11. L

    DSM 6.2 Issues with video Information using TMDB

    Hello like everyone, my VideoStation (2.5.0-1656) is now using only TMDB to get metadata on my videos. Most of the time it works fine but there seems to have an issue when the title of the a TV show is ambiguous. I have this show "Kingdom", a Korean zombie tv show. All episodes are in a folder...
  12. K

    DSM 6.2 Going from JBOD to RAID - Can I keep all my settings, packages, and docker containers?

    I initially set my NAS up with JBOD. I now realize the stupidity of this and so want to change to a raid (or SHR) setup. Migrating the data is not an issue as I have several other disks that I can use temporarily. However, I've put in a lot of time setting up various docker containers. I would...
  13. BrotherTobious

    DSM 6.2 Unknown Taken Date Photostation 6

    Yes sports fans its another one of these. But I think my question to the hive mind might be slightly different so I beg you patience. I have many of these and I have found out the cause of it, my partner sending me the pics via WhatsApp and they all show up with no EXIF data. The date and...
  14. C

    DSM 6.2 Folder/File was automatically restored after deletion on Google Drive

    I configured Cloud Sync (Google drive) on the NAS as below: Everthing was ok if I deleted folder/file from local But when I deleted an folder from Google drive, I saw on Google drive: and in NAS, app cloud sync history: That folder was automatically restored Could you show me the reason...
  15. Telos

    DSM 6.2 Cert Confusion... Reaching Plex with Synology DDNS

    I have a valid LE cert for xxxxxxxx.synology.me. When I attempt to reach Plex using the link in Package Center/Plex https://xxxxx.synology.me:32400/web http://xxxxx.synology.me/32400/web I get from Edge: When I inspect the certificate for this page, it is for Plex.com, not my DDNS domain...
  16. C

    DSM 6.2 Internal Site Requiring HSTS

    How do I turn off HSTS for an internal only site served through Web Station? I've been trying to set up a test website just for my own experimentation on my local network (not available outside my home) and I'm struggling with HSTS errors. I've searched and tried every suggestion I could find...