dsm 7

  1. J

    DSM 7 New permissions issues?

    I am trying to get to the bottom of this issue and think I am on the right track. I use Emby on my NAS and am using the Server Configuration Backup plug-in to back up the config to a shared folder on my NAS. I then have a Rsync job running from a ReadyNas to back up some of the shared folders...
  2. Filbert

    Problem moving to DSM 7 with Logitech Media Server

    I'm trying to move to DSM 7 from 6.2.4 and I get a warning about incomaptible packages and Logitech Media Server is listed and I can't proceed. I used to run LMS as a community package but now I run it under Docker. I thought that the reason to move LMS to Docker was to isolate it from DSM. I...
  3. T

    DS916+ and DSM 7

    Hello everyone, I have an old DS916+ with 8GB ram. In the update page I can see now the possibility to update to DSM 7.0.1 Any successful experiences here? I'm reading about memory, performance, login issues... but I can't find much about DS916+ specifically Tz
  4. E

    Photographer client proofing/ client delivery

    Like many of you, I'm missing PhotoStation in DSM7. A lot. The simplicity of organizing everything in folders, automatically creating thumbnails and being able to provide my clients with a simple username/password is gone. In some other forum posts, possible replacements for Photo Station have...
  5. M

    DSM 7 - NAS is freezing

    Hello, we own Synology NAS DS216j. After updating DSM from version 6 to version 7 the NAS completely freezes. The reset button does not work either. Sometimes after connecting to electricity it starts up and runs for a few days before it freezes completely again, sometimes freezing during...
  6. S

    Strange behavior using VPN client and remote VPN access DSM 7

    I am remote accessing my 1821+ running DSM7.0.1-42218 Update 2 via a Lan-Lan vpn using two Draytek routers. The requests coming into the 1821 from the VPM come in as subnet 192.168.1.x. The Diskstation is on subnet 192.168.0.x. The network address of the 1821+ is, subnet mask...
  7. W

    DSM 7.0 Rsync (via ssh) on DSM 7

    Hi there, I'd like to ask how / whether ppl have rsync running on DSM 7 - since apparently some changes happened and I find contradicting information. What I'd ask you to share is, what settings you use, whether you use rsync via ssh, daemon, specific rsync user, from or to synology, whether...
  8. 3

    Denied....Can't install DSM 7 because of Webalizer

    Trying to upgrade to 7 but it says I have to uninstall Webalizer in Package Center....but it's not listed. Is there a manual way to uninstall it? I'm just using basic stuff on the Synology so I'm not even sure what Webalizer even does. Thanks
  9. scooby_nas

    DSM 7 : cannot access system after 'short reset' (admin reset), stuck in loop

    Hi, hopefully someone here can help me. -I recently updated my DSM 6 to the latest 7. -could not login to the system. Performed a 'short reset' (4 secs pinhole till beep). -result: I get to login to the system with the usual unsafe 'admin' account without a password. -then I am automatically...
  10. D

    What does a cautious man do before updating to DSM 7?

    Aside from the obvious need to back up all data on separate devices, what steps should be taken to reduce risk of problems, and speed recovery if problems occur, when updating from 6.x to 7.x. This is on a DS218+. I have already removed Plex which evidently can cause problems from what I've...
  11. M

    DS415Play with DSM 7 - access to pCloud for file transfer

    DS415Play with DSM 7 - access to PCloud for file transfer: How can I connect directly from the NAS drive to a Cloud Storage location to transfer some files from the NAS to my cloud storage - PCloud?
  12. T

    DSM 7: openvpn server

    I'm trying to setup openvpn on ds220+ but cannot seem to resolve the connection. I've open up port forward 1194 on router and vpn port in firewall rule but tested port forward, 1194 still closed. Anyone had success on openvpn setup? Thanks
  13. T

    CUE sheet support (DSM 7)

    With arrival of DSM 7, there's been changes with Audio Station, as a result, GAPLESS PLAYBACK finally works! on the other hand .CUE sheet support is broken (and wasn't present in DSM 6/6.2): if an album is one .FLAC file with tracks defined by .CUE (text) file, tracks are cut off randomly...
  14. Coop777

    DSM 7 - Itunes/Itunes Server

    I upgraded my production 1819+ to DSM 7 over the Thanksgiving break. For the most part, all went well but I am noticing now that within Itunes (still relevant within the Windows world....) that although I can select the 1819+ in the upper left tab, a wheel spins briefly (normal) as it tries to...
  15. B

    DSM 7.0 Cannot update DS215j to DSM 7

    Hi everyone, I've only just recently found out that there is an update for my good ol' DS215j to DSM 7. And with it, updates to Synology's Download Station (which doesn't receive any more updates on DSM 6, sadly, and I need them). I have a weird problem with the update - when I attempt to do a...
  16. S

    Prettifying share links

    Hi everybody, a first-time poster here. I configured fairly clean looking share links for File Station, including a custom domain and no port designation. https://domainname.tld/sharing/SzJPtW2vt Is there a way to clean it up even further? How can I skip or customize the "/sharing" bit? Is...
  17. B

    Sonarr DSM 7: file deletion problem

    Hi, I had a lot of little problems while switching from DSM 6 to DSM 7. Concerning the Sonarr + Sabnzbd couple, I had to reinstall the Sab package to make it work but I have now a last little problem with Sonarr... Indeed, Sonarr manages : 1/ to send the info to Sabnzbd to start the download...
  18. J

    DSM 7 Can't reach home network through openvpn on android

    Hi I have set up the openvpn server on DSM 7 and I've connected my phone through it with the redirect option uncommented. The subnet on the vpn is different than the one on the home network, as recommended by the tutorial I followed. I was expecting that the vpn server would redirect the...
  19. SynoMan

    DSM Update Version: 7.0.1-42218

    Version: 7.0.1-42218 (2021-09-28) Important notes Before Update The update is expected to be available for all regions within the next few weeks, although the time of release in each region may vary slightly. If you want to update to the latest version now, please go to Synology Download...
  20. S

    DSM 7 2FA - how to show QR code again?

    I've got a brand-new NAS running DSM 7.0 and I want to set up 2 Factor Authentication for the admin account. I've done this, and in the setup of 2 factor authentication, it shows a QR code that contains all of the information for the OTP. I easily set this up on my phone, works great. My...