dsm 7

  1. B

    Failing to connect to Active Insight on DSM 7.0

    I's struggling to get Active Insight working on DSM 7.0 has anyone else had these problems ? When trying to enable its asking to enable NTP because of time sync but again fails 1611237680 This is the area you enable Active insight but when ticking the box it doesn't work due to NTP
  2. P

    Synology Photos and phone backup

    Have just upgraded to DSM7 to use Synology Photos, I'm having issues uploading videos from Android app. It doesn't seem to be doing it in the background. I've set it to upload all existing photos and videos, I think it's done all the photos, but it's having a hard time doing the video, they are...
  3. P

    Synology Photos Face Recognition Issue

    Hallo everyone, I have a DS420+ that is compatible with Synology Photos' Face Recognition but I have an issue with it: I have installed DSM 7 Beta and everything was smooth and fine. Face recognition worked great for me. As I finished with my iPhone photos backup, I have created an account for...
  4. S

    Mail server and mail station

    Anyone with a functioning combination of these 2? No problems installing but Mail station can't be reached or doesn't show.... while mail server does.
  5. B

    Broken my 920+ with DSM7.0

    Hi I upgraded my 920+ last night and 11 packages fail, this includes docker and many others. These are not the 3rd party apps Could someone please help. I moved any apps which wasn't supported before the upgrade and created any unsupported apps into Docker. Then after the upgrade 11 packages...
  6. nemo081

    Two problem: Download manager and Hibernation

    Hello everyone. I have installed in slot1, 1 SSD (Volume 1): DSM 7 and all apps. I have installed in slot2, 1 HDD (Volume 2): download folder and videos. 1- I wanted to move the temporary folder of DownloadManager to the second HD in the folder Download\temp. Every time I go to ...
  7. S

    Synology Photo app is on Appstore

    I've got it on my phone but don't have a DSM 7 nas yet. So: Anybody tried it? In what way are they combining DS Photo and the Moments-app (functionality) ?
  8. X

    Don't remember an advise / reminder entering DSM 7...

    Recently I've updated my DS216j DSM to 7.0. I'm really happy with its new look and functionalities... but I cannot remember and advise windows asking me to try something I've forgot from first time to login... I remember to have clicked many times in "ask me again later" ... does anybody...
  9. S

    & Sign of Death: Synology Secure SignIn URL/QR Code Problem

    The link created by DSM7 behind the QR code is followed by an & sign after the top-level domain (TLD): www.myserver.com:1234&id=... www.myserver.com&id=... Due to this & sign directly after the TLD, the traffic is not forwarded to the server. Not a single data packet arrives at the firewall if...
  10. T

    Synology Photos

    Hi, I found that Synology Photos has to use 'photos' folder. Do you know why this is still the case? I found it as as a big disadvantage of DS Photo and Moments and it has not changed in Synology Photos. Do you know any work around it? Regards, Tmxdiver
  11. T

    Plex and DSM7

    Hi, Does your Plex (1.21.0-3744) see any pictures in the 'photo' folder? I have first updated Plex when a new version for DSM7 became available, but pictures in photo folder were not seen. Then I uninstalled Plex completely and installed it again. The same result - no pictures in Plex, while...
  12. Shawzborne

    DSM 7 Dark Mode

    Hi Everyone, Is DSM 7.0 supposed to have dark mode? Thanks Shawn
  13. jphermans

    Docker containers doesn't connect to internet

    Did yesterday a install of the DSM7 beta and everything was startup fine, but now I've seen that the docker containers don't have a connection with internet. The Synology itself has connection. Anyone a solution for that?
  14. C

    DSM 7 compatibility lock down

    I am running a DS415+ upgraded with 8GB of memory. I have been running VM Manager installed manually. After upgrading to DSM 7 beta, VM Manager no longer runs. The message is that VM Manager is not compatible with my DSM model. I understand that I am running this configuration at my own risk...
  15. M

    Download Station keeps waking up my DS220J

    I am using Download Station on Beta 7 since sabnzbd cannot be used yet on Beta 7 (due to Python3 not being supported yet, I have another thread about that). But even though no folders are monitored and no jobs are running, Download Station keeps waking up my DS220J from hibernate...
  16. M

    Python3 (for sabnzbd) on Beta 7

    Currently Python3 is not supported and cannot be installed. So I cannot use sabnzbd. Is there any way to get this still installed or any information on when Python3 is supported? Python2 is not enough :-) Thanks!
  17. T

    DSM 7 Beta, and APC BACKUPS Pro 1000s and/or CyberPower EC850LCD on Synology DS220j

    Can any body please confirm weather or not if either of the 2 ups's I have is supported by dsm 7 they both worked on dsm 6.2 I cannot get either of them to stay connected... thanks... specs: APC BACKUPS Pro 1000s and/or CyberPower EC850LCD on Synology DS220j thanks a bunch in here guys... I...
  18. fredbert

    Info DSM 7 removes some DDNS services

    Reading the beta release notes I noticed this: I use OpenDNS's (Cisco) DNS-O-Matic to update Namecheap domains and OpenDNS. Actually I do this on the SRM router but I like to have the option of doing this with the NAS. I've tested adding a custom DDNS service in DSM 7. Looking at...
  19. C

    Downgrade from DSM 7 ---> DSM 6.2.3

    A couple of days ago I upgraded to V7 of DSM without realising it breaks most 3rd party apps Long story short I successfully followed an adhoc procedure here... ... or so I thought. After several restarts, I noticed that there were no volumes as reported by Storage Manager! Fortunately, I...
  20. S

    Synology DSM7 Photos

    Has anyone figured out how to add existing folders and subfolders of pictures to the Synology Photos beta?