dsm 7.0

  1. M

    DSM 7.0 Plex Remote Access switching betweeb Accessible/Inaccessible?

    Read a few threads regarding Plex connection issues but mine seems slightly different. Mum watches my Plex media from a remote location and its been working without an issue for months. She had a bit of a break and tried to watch it the other day. Would not connect, she was not logged in so...
  2. D

    DSM 7.0 R Studio in docker - Can't map shared drive (Docker noob)

    Hi everyone, I've spent my afternoon trying to figure out how to mount one of my Synology shared drives in R Studio but I just can't seem to get it working. Here's what I need to do: I've created a shared folder in DSM called 'rstudio' and would like to be able to share files within this...
  3. K

    DSM 7.0 Text-Editor after migration ext4->btrfs

    Hi, after migration from ext4 to btrfs I managed to restore all apps and data, but I'm stuck with text-editor app. Repair didn't work, so I tried reinstall. Now there is a pop-up appearing saying "Failed to load preference settings". Any idea what i can do?
  4. C

    DSM 7.0 rsync fails to sync remote source

    I need to sync files from a remote location to a local Synology device. This fails as a Scheduled Task so I tested from the command line - see error log below. The script rsync -azP --include-from=/volume1/homes/my.user/scripts/rsync--include.txt...
  5. Arkayem

    Upgrade 6.2 to DSM 7.0 taking VERY long time

    I started the Upgrade from DSM 6.2 to DSM 7.0 over 6 hours ago, and it's been stuck at this screen for over 4 hours. What should I do?
  6. Fredo

    DSM 7.0 Some icons are not visible [RESOLVED]

    Hello, I have a really bad problem. I say this because I think the solution should be simple but I can't find it, despite my research on the official help about Hyper Backup, and on this forum. Maybe I'm using the wrong keywords. My two NAS DS1621+ run with the DSM 7.0 operating system. On one...
  7. equinox

    DSM 7.0 Forward emails from specific domains

    Hi folks, I have an email forwarding setup on my Mailplus client using "Filter". I want to forward all the emails from a specific domain to another email box. For example, I want to forward all the emails from gmail.com. In the "Filter" popup window, I set the "From" field as "gmail.com" or...
  8. T

    DSM 7.0 Single HyperBackup task to multiple rotating USB drives

    I've read through a number of posts on various forums about setting up a rotating backup task with HyperBackup. I've got a USB enclosure where I can swap bare disks. I've set up a single version backup task and the task successfully completes to the first disk I've used. I then swapped that out...
  9. F

    DSM 7.0 how to delete folder linked to another folder?

    Have device HomeFileServer setup with default folders. Created new folder somehow (HomeFileServer/home) linked to my home folder in HomeFileServer/homes. Now I cannot figure out how to remove the linked folder, HomeFileServer/home. Thoughts?
  10. F

    DSM 7.0 Container unable to write to volume

    I tried to run a docker-compose in Portainer on my DS1515+ and ever since I switched to DSM 7 one of the containers is unable to write to the linked volume. The container restarts endlessly and the logs show: 2022-03-16 14:11:22.763 I Initializing core... 2022-03-16 14:11:22.764 I Loading...
  11. G

    DSM 7.1 Sudden Synology Drive Failure, All Clients

    I have two clients, both laptops, and both suddenly quit connecting to the NAS via Drive Client at the same time (about 30 days ago). All I see on the client side is 'reconnecting' - but this is never successful. When I re-enter the passwork in the laptop Drive Client, I get 'invalid Quick...
  12. N

    DSM 7.0 Backing up my Active Backup for MS 365 data

    I have been backing up my MS 365 for Business data to my DS 220+ using Active Backup for MS 365, and this has been working well. I now want to go to the next step and backup the MS 365 backup to a cloud service. I have access to both BackBlaze and Synology C2. Initially I tried using Cloud...
  13. Frizera

    DSM 7.0 From Nas4free to DS920+

    Hello, everyone! My NAS is already installed. Finally he arrived. The question remains how to move content from the old nas4free to the new DS920+? How do I connect them so that the transfer takes place directly between them? What settings should I make on DS920? I have to move around 12 TB...
  14. G

    DSM 7.0 Synology Drive Sync Status not correct

    Does anyone else have the issue where files that are sync'd from Synology Drive and a Windows 10 PC is not showing the current sync status in the status column? When I hover over or right click and go to properties - details, it says "Availability Status - Sync Pending." I can for sure confirm...
  15. F

    DSM 7.0 VS wont stop at end of movie

    how do i make the player stop after each movie thanks fred
  16. F

    DSM 7.0 Back up to non-Synology SMB share from Synology NAS

    I've moved all my data onto my new DS720+ from my simple old Buffalo NAS that just presents USB shares. I want to back up certain shared folders on the Synology to a share on the old NAS, but I can't find any way to do it with tools included with DSM. They only either back up in the other...
  17. Sly870

    DSM 7.0 Windows 10 VM won't create

    Hello :) Anyone struggling to get a Windows 10 x64 running on Synology VM? I power it on and then nothing, disk stays at 4KB used.
  18. B

    Share photo/video to Plex from Syno Photos folder - how to?

    Hi all, I have latest Plex (manual update) and would like to add Synology Photos folder to Plex library. When I go to first folder under "Photo" I see nothing more: and once finished no files (photo, videos) are detected. Videos working in Plex are in different folder ( Media ): I...
  19. Sly870

    DSM 7.0 Recommendation for cloud backups

    Good morning all :D I currently have a cloud sync for my Dropbox, this just acts as if I had dropbox on my local PC so I can access certain files remotely or at home but I am looking for another cloud solution. I don't want to move away from DB as DB is used for spreadsheet access etc, I am...
  20. W

    DSM 7.0 Rsync (via ssh) on DSM 7

    Hi there, I'd like to ask how / whether ppl have rsync running on DSM 7 - since apparently some changes happened and I find contradicting information. What I'd ask you to share is, what settings you use, whether you use rsync via ssh, daemon, specific rsync user, from or to synology, whether...