dsm 7.0

  1. A

    DSM 7.0 Adding 2nd disk for redundancy to an SHR-volume

    Hi everyone! Fist post here, pretty sure this gets asked a lot, but go easy on this old f€ck, please... ;-) Have a Synology DJ220s server, with a 4TB disk. It's formatted as SHR. Now I added an identical 4TB disk. Don't want more capacity, just want redundancy so that if one disk fails I can...
  2. S

    DSM 7.0 External Server Certificate not trusted while using synology.me

    Hello! I am trying to setup a remote Linux server as an ABB client for my home DS920+ which is behind a unifi router. What I've done so far: Setup synology.me DDNS with the letsencrypt certificate option Set the DDNS cert as the default for ABB Set a port forwarding rule on my router to route...
  3. TrevorH

    DSM 7.0 Degraded Storage pool/volume options

    Hi, I setup my DS920+ yesterday and after a bit of faffing around, got it recognised on my network. Everything was fine, but when I got up there was a storage pool/volume degraded alert and 1 of the HDD was no longer recognised. As I’d setup 1 pool incorporating all 3 HDD I appear to be stuck...
  4. S

    DSM 7.0 Memtest failed on 2 brand new Syno ECC DIMMs

    Ran into an interesting issue... For our brand-new RS1221RP+, we purchased 2 D4ES01-8G (yes, genuine Synology ECC SODIMM) and installed them. Ran just fine. But just to be sure, I went into the Synology Assistant and ran the memory test. Failed! err=1 (whatever that means). Then tried again...
  5. A

    DSM 7.0 for DS416j

    I was curious, if such older Synology as DS416j with just 512MB of memory would work well with DSM 7.0 After upgrade to DSM 7.0-41890 Im quite surprised and satisfied. Im using only few packages such as Synology Photos, File station, Hyper backup,.... Overall DSM is fast and smooth. Have not...
  6. G

    DSM 7.0 Shared folder sync from older DSM

    Hi, First of all, sorry for my bad english/translations. I use DSM in other language, so error and messages are my translations and might not exactly correspond with original english ones. First I synced shared folders from DS1813+ (DSM 6.1.7) to RS2421+ (DSM 7.0). And it went fine. Now i...
  7. SynoMan

    DSM 7.0 Unable to update virus definitions with freshclam (exit code: 11; error code: 2).

    I'm getting this error in the AV log: Unable to update virus definitions with freshclam (exit code: 11; error code: 2). Definitions won't update. I've reinstalled the package and restarted the NAS. Same error on 2 NAS devices.
  8. B

    DSM 7.0 "Transmission" Torrent Client USB Flash Drive Permissions

    Hi all, Hoping someone can assist. I've recently upgraded my DS220J to DSM 7.0. I was previously using the excellent "Deluge" port from SynoCommunity, but since DSM 7.0 has merged Python 3.0 into its own system, Deluge no longer is functional. As a result I have successfully installed...
  9. fredbert

    Package Plex v1.24.2 on DSM 7 brings back 'Plex Media Server' in shared folder

    Probably late to this party but I've just updated to the latest release of Plex on my NAS running DSM 7. In DSM 6 Plex created shared folder 'Plex' to hold its configuration data, media metadata, logs, caches, etc. This folder could be backed up by Hyper Backup and made restoring easy. With...
  10. marco

    Movies splitted in multiple files

    Dear All, currently Video Station and DS video, don't support the reproduction of movies splitted on multiple files. Plex and Kodi does, by adding a "part#" at the end of the file name. The good news is that I exposed the issue to Synology, by providing a new Feature Inquiry, and they approved...
  11. T

    DSM 7.0 Active Backup Portal Restore URL

    Since I upgraded to DSM 7, the address of the restore portal when clicking on the restore portal button opens an url which is no more the local address used by the agent for backup. When the browser opens the address part of the url shown is the DDNS address defined in remote access. I don't...
  12. N

    DSM 7.0 Veeam Backup & Replication Community Edition vs Veeam Agent Windows

    I just got a DS920+ a couple days ago. For home I am deciding between these two solutions but I am not sure which one is better to use? I simply want to backup my computers (Windows) to my 920+ and also have the ability for bare metal restores if needed. I generally see Veeam as being the best...
  13. L

    DSM 7.0 Video Station, TMDB API and video cover

    Hello, I'm new in DS administration and need help with Video Station. I found usefull to store tags and cover together with the video. The TMDB API loads tags without problem for almost all video files but the covers are store only in about 20% of files. See screenshot 1. When I try to get...
  14. S

    Modify Docker logging under DSM 7.0

    Dear Docker experts, I am running HomeAssistant under Docker on DSM 7.0. To avoid frequent HDD access, I want to disable docker logging. But how to do so? I modified: /var/packages/Docker/etc/dockerd.json to "log-driver" : "none" and the containers's json config file uploaded to the...
  15. equinox

    DSM 7.0 Emails sending to local domain and wait for 20+ seconds to show up

    I assuem that the email never go outside of the network (the relay server I am using). It should go directly to the local recipient's mailbox. The email only contain a word with no attachement. I also have hmail server setup for testing purpose. If I do the same thing, the email immediately...
  16. T

    DSM 7.0 HyperBackup is very SLOW

    Hi I've recently upgraded to a DS920+ upgraded and now setting up the backups. I tried HyperBackup to my old NAS (DS414) but it ws incredibly slow. I'm trying again to a USB3 attached HDD and its only at 4% after 20hours and seems stuck on the first step. There's something I'm missing here so...
  17. J

    DSM 7.0 USB device gets randomly unmounted

    Hi all, 1st post, so thanks for listening and creating this forum I just found out about. Here's what I'd like to hear from you guys probably with a lot more experience than me on VMM: I've been running Home Assistant (aka HASS) in a VM on my DS916+ for over a year, probably two, without any...
  18. equinox

    DSM 7.0 Public holidays on Calendar

    Hi, Noticed that there is no option to enable public holiday calendars. Would be possible to import from a calendar file or add one by a link? Thanks
  19. equinox

    DSM 7.0 Q: What is the different between buffer and cache

    As you can see the screenshot below, it was from Resource manager->Memory tab. What is the different between buffer and cache? When the buffer/cache is used? I know when I transfer large files, the cache can be increased to 15GB. Thanks
  20. fschwinn

    CMS Host Disconnects

    CMS Host is a DS1819+ and CMS Client is a DS1813+ and both were recently upgraded to DSM 7.0 - 41890. Before the 7.0 upgrade CMS worked fine. After the 7.0 upgrade CMS initially connects and the CMS Host says "Joining" and then "Obtaining Data." The CMS Client initially says "... joined the CMS...