1. S

    Upgrading to DSM7 from DSM6

    Hi Guys, I'm new here in this forum. Just want to ask simple question. I'm planning to upgrade my office SA3400 , VirtualDSM & DS918+ from DSM6.2.4 to DSM7.1. What should i take note before i upgrade? What will be the impact after upgrade? as i used quite alot of features in synology such as...
  2. C

    DSM7 and mod_perl for Apache 2.4

    Hi everyone, has anyone installed mod_perl for Apache 2.4 on DSM7.1. Are there binaries somewhere? TYIA
  3. Jnm3

    DSM7– Are MIGRATION Jitters Justified?

    Hi All… As a SynoNAS noob I want to begin hosting videos that I produce. I want to share links with friends and family — but don’t want to utilize YouTube. DSM6 is up to date on my DS220+. I use it mainly for local TimeMachine backup and storage of a few large files. I’ve installed No packages...
  4. Phone Guy

    Have to RETRY login several times to get into DSM7 / Firefox

    Not sure if anyone else has had this happen? I use firefox, and when I go to the nas IP or mynas.local in Firefox, I get the login screen, enter my login/pw and it starts to log me in, then immediately goes back to initial login screen again... This may happen 4 or 5x+ times in a row before I...
  5. Phone Guy

    DSM 7.0 Do any USB nic adapter work in DSM7???

    subject says it all... are there any usb lan (nic) adapters that work in dsm7 anymore?
  6. F

    DSM 7.0 Missing header for a Python compilation

    Hello, I am trying to compile on my NAS a python application. When I ran pip3 install -r requirements.txt command, I have the following error : cc1: fatal error: /usr/syno/include/platformconfig.h: No such file or directory And.... well, it is true, platformconfig.h doesn't exist, so doesn't...
  7. D

    Inconsistent SMB access via Win10. Could it be a DSM7 issue?

    I've had a DS218 for a couple of years, pretty much problem-free. But this week, after an upgrade to DSM7, and a decision to reorganise large chunks of data, I've come up against two problems that have kept me from accessing the data. One is that I cannot get W10 to recognise a new shared...
  8. jann

    Is it me or are there many, many more problems since DSM7 release?

    I was just wondering this because I was scanning the forums and am seeing a lot more issues people have since the release of DSM7. I haven't upgraded my NAS (1520+) yet cos - "Plex" - so I'm not on the receiving end of many of these issues. I also tend to be a few months behind applying updates...
  9. M

    DSM 7 - NAS is freezing

    Hello, we own Synology NAS DS216j. After updating DSM from version 6 to version 7 the NAS completely freezes. The reset button does not work either. Sometimes after connecting to electricity it starts up and runs for a few days before it freezes completely again, sometimes freezing during...
  10. S

    DSM7 upgrade gone wrong

    Hi... I have successfully upgraded two NAS to DSM 7. This morning it was the turn of my main NAS. End result: no access. The initial upgrade went fine, I could login. After some initial random checks that things were good, I turned to my first objective that is to upgrade my Plex...
  11. oRBIT

    Are you happy with DSM7?

    I'm a bit curious about how people feel about DSM7..
  12. M

    DS920+ (DSM7). How do I test a new UPS?

    Adding an APC 1400 UPS due to a couple of power cuts recently. All connected and detected by the DS920+ But how do I safely test that it will do its job? The drives always seem to be active even after unplugging the network cables. Is there an option to suspend the unit so there will be no...
  13. L

    Some packages got broken and are not installable anymore - pgsql issue

    Hello Linux / syno noob here :) It seems I had a crash with my DS920 and may have lost some files during it When I restarted, DSM 7 showed lots of errors regarding my packages (all of them used to work properly prior to it) I managed to repair some of them but some others did not work, and when...
  14. T

    Basic 2-way drive mobile workflow in DSM7

    Greetings from a new forum member. I thought DSM7 introduced 2-way sync in Synology Drive? ie I want to be able to open a document, edit it and save it back to drive. Currently I still seem to have to 'Send a copy', then save it locally and reupload it as a new file. Was this functionality...
  15. B

    Issue to update my Syno DS1621+ to DSM7

    Hello I wanted to upgrade my DS1621+ from DSM6,2 to DSM7 and can't due to below notice (see attached picture) How to fix this? I don't understand this situation... thanks for your help and Happy New Year !!!
  16. U

    Scripting of Drive API - force update filelist

    Dear experts, I am running for several month a bash script which preprocesses all my pdf documents. The script roughly does following steps: * OCR & rename file * move file to drive folder by shell "mv" command * tagging file with drive labels by drive api (GET/POST entry.cgi) After moving the...
  17. Huggy

    DSM7 UI closes open app?

    So I don't know if this is normal/designed behavior or if there's something I've configured wrong. When I have the DSM7 ui open in my browser and lets say I have Control Panel open. If I then switch to another browser tab, just for a minute, then when I switch back to DSM the display goes...
  18. N

    DSM7 TVHeadend and Plex

    Hi, im keen to connect Plex to my TVHeadend server - both running on DSM 7, but I can’t find a decent guide specifically for Synology. There are references to folders which I can’t find on the Synology for plugins etc. has anyone been able to get these to work together - they work well...
  19. Striker

    SSD Cache after upgrading is doing constant writeback to volume (HDD noises)

    Hello :) I have a strange thing going on with my DS920+ and new DSM 7.0 and its SSD caching. Im using 2x 500 GB Samsung 970 EVO which are on compatibility list for DS920+. I ve done an upgrade from DSM 6 to DSM 7 months ago but few days ago I noticed that my SSD Cache is telling me that its...