1. dqueue

    Moving data from DS1513+ to a DX517 attached to DS1821+

    I have a DS1513+ that has served me well as a backup server to my DS1821+. I've decided to get a DX517 to attach to the DS1821+ and have it take over all the work for the DS1513+. Is it possible to take the 5 disks out of the DS1513+, that is all one Storage Group and one Volume, and install...
  2. S

    Double-check on DS1515+ DX513 compatibility latest DSM (7.1) version

    Hi Folks. Newbie here to the SynoForum. Had a quick browse around the forums - but with the experience of the cohort here I wanted to double/triple check my hardware compatibility with the latest DSM version from Synology. I have only ever auto-updated my NAS, but the latest OS versions...
  3. C

    DSM 6.2 DX513 - Suddenly, all volumes in "Assignment status faulty".

    Hi, Suddenly, after a reboot I did manually to my system (DS415+ and DX513), the 3 volumes of my DX513 gave volume error (see attached images). Luckily the data is fully readable so I extracted 90% of the data to an external USB disk. Once the data was copied, I deleted the volumes, recreated...
  4. F

    DX513 starting over

    Hi! I have a DS413 connected to my iMac. Connected to that is a DX513. I have loaded the 513 with 5 'new' 4TB drives. I say 'new' because they used to be in a DS1019+ I replaced the drives in that device and wanted to flow down by using the replaced drives in the DX513. The Synology...
  5. H

    Using DX513 with a DS1821+

    I have just upgraded my DS1817+ (8x10 Tb, DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 2) to a DS1821+ (8x14 Tb, DSM 6.2.4-25556). I had two working DX513 units on the DS1817+ but after transferring the first one to the DS1821+ it doesn't accept it (there's no entry in Storage Manager). The DX513 has light in the...