1. Gene

    Recommended way to sync/backup 2 laptops to my NAS

    I am new to the NAS world and do not yet have a grasp of best practices for storage, backup, and sync. I would appreciate your advice. Please forgive the lengthy post. I don't know enough so to make it short. GOALS: Safety of my data, and access to it from any device. BACKGROUND: 1. I use...
  2. timmo

    DSM 7.0 DX517 separate volume necessary?

    Hi - I have a DS1621+ for about a year now, and need to expand my space so I now have a DX517 on the way. I read in some places that it’s best to use DX517 as its own separate Volume, and not to expand from Volume 1 on main unit. Is this really what most people do and recommend? I can do this...
  3. M

    Migrate from a DS1512+ with 5 drives in Raid6 to a DS720+ & DX517?

    I have a weird situation and am hoping to streamline things. I currently have a DS1512+ with 5 drives in Raid6. Sometime ago I realized that the continuous writing to the raid for my SS recording was killing the drives. After a few died and I replaced the drives, I moved the SS recordings to...