1. DeltaGolf

    Solved 504 Email not sending error

    I'm assuming an entry in my logs (in Log Centre) is related to my email server failing to BCC all messages. "Failed to send email (504 Authentication method not enabled). The mail server log shows a user "SYSTEM" failing to send. I want all mail which passes through this mail server to BCC to...
  2. thehotiron

    Email received titled "Port forward rules enabled" but didn't make changes

    Hi - I just got an email from my DS418play as follows: Subject: (device name): Port forward rules enabled Dear user, Due to changes in default gateway settings, the feature of port forwarding rules has been enabled. Sincerely, Synology DiskStation I'm not home now, didn't make any changes...
  3. Imcon

    Solved Help - set a size limit for email enclosures - where is the setting?

    Many months ago I have set a size limit of e-mail enclosures. Now I want to change it but - I can not find the setting anymore. I'm not sure where the seeeting was so probably it is my fault but I'm sure that the setting was somewhere in Mail Server options. Can not find it. Using Mail Server...
  4. WST16

    Info DMARC adoption report (email servers)

    Interesting chart. I have implemented DMRC on my poor DS118 email service. I can’t understand why a huge company can’t (or won’t) do it! No. 2 on the chart is “have an MX record”! Can one run an email server (service) without an MX record?!
  5. Imcon

    How to setup email notification if someone upload file to the created File request?

    In case an user create a File request (File station file request) it would be usefull to be notified by email in case someone upload a file/s. Is there a way how to inform creator of the request about the upload (not just the DSM notification in the bar).
  6. SynoMan

    Would you like to see post content in email notification?

    As the title said. Please envolve in the poll. Thank you.
  7. WST16

    Add username to email subject

    @SynoMan, staff member, administrator, moderator, Is it possible to add the username to the email subject that is sent when a reply occurs? Like, reply by WST16 instead of new reply to watched thread Currently, must open the email to see. If it’s something that can be controlled easily. If...
  8. G

    Shared Email box

    Looking for some ideas for a shared email box where I can have billing emails, payment confirmations, and other joint account alerts sent to. Purpose is so that the spouse can be included on whats going on. If we create a joint email account with some services, how can we manage the email where...
  9. WST16

    Hacking attempts are amusing!

    I have to admit straight out that email servers are not my forte although I’m running one now. What baffles me is the hacking attempts that take place. I can understand if someone tries to login with “[email protected]” or sales, marketing, etc… Because those are user names that have a high...