1. J

    set up hardware transcoding on emby docker container?

    New(er) DS920 owner and I've gotten some of the kinks out of my set up as well as become familiar with docker and SSH. Currently trying to figure out how to enable hardware transcoding on emby ( I have premium subscription) I know it's going to involve editing the configuration in portioner...
  2. A

    Installing Emby Server on a DS1815+

    I have tried all available packages on the Emby download site for the Emby server including the beta packages but I get the same message that the package is incompatible with the DSM.? Is the only way to run Emby via docker or can it run directly on the Synology, if so how can I install it?
  3. WST16

    Question The need for hardware transcoding capabilities?

    Hello all, I need help understanding what’s going on below when it comes to transcoding. I’m always challenged by this subject. Preface: I’ve installed Emby media player on my 120j. I was thinking NO WAY it’s going to play anything. To my surprise, it’s playing everything I’m throwing at it...