1. P

    [Help] Accurate key for encrypted folders not working

    (please let me know if this needs to be posted to another channel...seems closest spot) SITUATION Keys for encrypted disks not accepted, BACKGROUND • Moved digital life (medical, finance docs etc) to Synology DS220+ in June 2021. Sensitive files stored using encrypted folders. • Hit early...
  2. R

    automatic dismount of encrypted folder when backup completes

    folks, i am using AOMEI BackUpper on several Win10 PCs to backup to encrypted shared folder under DSM7 on a DS418. The backups are scheduled under AOMEI. What bothers me is that the upon completion, the encrypted folder remains 'mounted' - i have not set up remote access to the DS418 as yet or...
  3. synsky911

    Transferring from unencrypted Google Drive to encrypted Backblaze B2

    Hello, My NAS currently does Hyperbackup to 100GB Google Drive, which I foresee will outgrow in the coming months. I plan to shift to Backblaze B2 while still maintaining the 4-years of historical versions currently on Google Drive. I would also like to point out that hbks stored in Google...
  4. B

    How to get access to encrypted disk after server broken

    Hello I have Synology 713+ with Raid 1 and encrytion. Whot happen when my server will broken ? Of course I know that Raid 1 will be broken too but how to access to data on disk's ? I can buy next Synology and using it I will have access to data ? Have to be tha same model of Synology ? Or maybe...
  5. P

    DS220+ DSM 7 - unable to see/mount encrypted folder from iOS?

    DS220+ DSM 7 - unable to see/mount encrypted folder from iOS? I am signed in as admin from iOS SF Finder > DSM Mobile (and DSM Desktop) and the encrypted folder does not show (anywhere I can find) to mount. Go to the desktop machine, login with the same admin credentials, and the target...
  6. B

    keep vm images encrypted

    The share manager allows per-share encryption, but the VM manager installs its images directly to a volume. Is it possible to keep VM images encrypted in storage? Does DSM 7 resolve any earlier limitations relevant to this matter?
  7. P

    Synology Drive/ Cloud Station Share Sync - encrypted folder?

    Main Question #1 Is it possible to sync an encrypted & mounted folder using Synology Drive/ Cloud Station Sync? I am syncing between two NAS drives at two different locations and have successfully synced unencrypted folders. When I "enable" the encrypted & mounted folder from Synology Drive...
  8. jono

    Solved Browse snapshots of encrypted shares?

    Most of the shares on my Synology aren't encrypted, but I do have a couple that are encrypted. I've noticed that I can browse any of the snapshots of the 'regular' shares when I want to find & restore a few files or folders. But with the encrypted shares it seems like I can't select a snapshot...
  9. WST16

    Question Drive and an encrypted Homes folder?

    I read somewhere that there might be conflicts (even corruptions) when starting up as the Homes folder (being encrypted) is not mounted while the Drive package is starting up. Any input is appreciated.
  10. M

    iSCSI LUN backup to encrypted folder?

    Is it possible to make hyper backup task which will backup iSCSI LUN to encrypted folder? It appears that it is possible to backup folder (encrypted or not) to unencrypted folder. It also appers that it is possible to backup LUN to unencrypted folder. And, it also appears that it is possible...