1. S

    DSM 7.1 Can't expand SHR1 with 4th HDD smaller than rest?

    I have 3 16TB HDDs in my DS920+ that I just configured in a storage pool with SHR1. From the guidance here, it seems I cannot add an old 12TB HDD to the pool. Specifically: "The drive you want to add must be equal to or larger than the largest drive in the storage pool, or equal to any of the...
  2. ed.j

    DSM 6.2 Is it possible to expand an SHR volume on a DS416slim using the USB3 port?

    Basically my DS416slim uses Shared Folder Sync to mirror a folder on my main NAS. The 416 is running out of space and it already has the biggest possible HDDs in it (2TB x 4). I've not really got much use for this NAS other than as a mirror for this folder, so if I can't expand the space it's...
  3. S

    DSM 7.0 Diskstation will not let me expand my Volume

    I have a DS920+ and my storage pool is 21.8 TB and my volume is 15.7 TB. I go to settings but I don't see where I can expand the volume. I will attach some screenshots. Thanks in advance. Scott
  4. S

    DSM 7.0 How to expand JBOD on Synology 220+ running DMS 7

    Morning All, I have a 220+ running DMS 7 with two 4TB HDDs configured as JBOD. I would like to expand the JBOD by replacing one of my 4TB HDDs with an 8TB HDD. The current JBOD is running out of space (currently at about 83%). I do not have the capability to back up the current JBOD. Is there a...
  5. jann

    Redoing install w/smaller drives (14TB) instead of 18TB so I can expand...

    Hello, all. First post so forgive me if I either go into too much detail or too little. I was the victim of bad pre-purchase instructions from a tech at Synology. I have a Drobo 5c with 5 drives. 14TB, 14TB, 12TB, 10TB, 10TB. I wanted a Synology DS1520+ (which I bought) and it was suggested by...
  6. N

    Upgrading NAS- how to expand

    Hi, I'm very much an amateur at this NAS thing but love the potential and I want to learn more. I've been using a synology DS216+II with 2 6TB HDD in RAID1 configuration and have run out of room and my system is slower than I want so I decided to make a big upgrade to the synology DS1621+. My...
  7. aGraphicz

    Replace drives to expand Storage Pool

    Hi I would like to replace 3 SSDs in my Storage Pool with 3 HDDs of bigger sizes (red marked ones). I know it sounds strange but i need to send back the SSDs due to a wrong initial evaluation :cautious: In the specific: - I need to replace Drive 1 with an HDD of 16TB - I need to replace Dive...
  8. M

    Can not expand storage size

    Hi All, I am new user to synology, I have ds718+ installed with 2 hard disk ( 6tb and 8tb ) when i expand it with SHR it show only 5tb total storage. How i can expand the size.
  9. A

    Question Expanding Capacity By Adding 2nd Drive

    I started out with one 4TB drive in my DS414J and recently had been close to running out of space, so I purchased another drive of the same size with the intent of installing it in the NAS to expand the available capacity from 4TB to 8TB. When setting up the new drive in Diskstation I chose the...