1. G

    DSM 7.0 Is it possible to use the E10M20-T1 expansion card with a DS1621+

    Hey all, Is it possible to use the E10M20-T1 expansion card with a DS1621+? I’d like to upgrade to 10GBE and use the SSD cache on the card for a volume on my DX517 (using the internal SSDs for the cache on a volume on the 1621 itself). I wondered if anyone had tried and got it working? Best...
  2. D

    DS920+ Raid Expansion Help

    Good afternoon all, First-ever post here so please be gentle. I currently own a Synology DS920+ (DSM 7.0-41890) which is for personal use, it was running 2x 3TB WD RED drives however due to storage running a little low I decided to buy a further 2x 3TB Seagate IronWolf drives to expand my...
  3. C

    DSM 6 + RAID5 + SHA : Disk expansion strategy

    Hi, I'm looking forward for some advices on how to safely proceed to a disk upgrade of a cluster (SHA) of 2x 1513+ (5 bays) needed with 4 x 3Tb drives + 1 x 3tb Hotspare drive. The idea is to replace all 3Tb drives by 6Tb drives. Current setup: In resume : Storage Pool 1 (Main) is using 4...
  4. M

    I made a booboo with my HDD purchase for expansion

    Hiya, I started with an 1817+ with 8x4TB WD Red drives in SHR-1. All good. I replaced two 4TB drives with two 10TB WD Red drives later on which gave me an additional 6TB space. All good. Then as money was tight I thought instead of buying another 10TB I'll get something a bit smaller and...
  5. D

    DS920+ expansion alternative

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for expansion unit - for backup purposes only. yes for the same location of where my nas is. Currently I'm using 1-bay USB enclosure and backup my NAS. lots of cable and these disks are quite old and I don't trust them anymore so I'm looking for a replacement with more...
  6. Robbie

    Expansion - RX418 vs RS819 Question

    I am outgrowing my RS217 and looking it to replace it with a 4-bay. Limitations are 1U and around 30cm depth, must support BTRFS, must be UPS aware, ideally with low power consumption with CPU performance requirements at the lower end of the scale. Two options come to mind - the RX418 & RS819...
  7. BeerBarrel

    DX1215 Expansion way to control LEDs / power off?

    Hello, recently picked up a DX1215 expansion unit and I can find a way to dim the LEDs or power this unit off while leaving my main DS3018xs still running. Curious if anyone figured this one out. Perhaps I'm just missing something. Cheers!