1. Jan Janowski

    Why is it that I'm allowed to even Select a btrfs Option on an ext4 drive?

    Whereas on my new 720+ because it started out life in V7, I was able to format Volume 1 as btrfs format.... I was not confused when I set up the SSD cache when it asked to set aside space for btrfs format..... HOWEVER..... When I finially received "Compatible" NVME SSD's for my older 720+...
  2. A

    Migrate from ext4 to btrfs with two diskstaions but no new disks

    Hello, I've a DS218 with two disks (RAID1) and a new DS220+. What I want is to migrate to btrfs with no data loose and no new disks, is it possible? Process I thought: 1) Remove disk1 from old NAS 2) Insert disk1 to new NAS 3) Start DSM from scratch formating all data. 4) Create a new volume...
  3. G

    Migrate from ext4 to btrfs

    Hello, i have a synology ds216+ with 2 8tb Disks ext4 i recently bought a ds920 and 1 more 16tb disk i wanted to move my 2 old disks to the ds920 and add the 16tb and migrate to btrfs. 1) i was afraid of directly migrating my disks so i decided to use the migration assistant. I insert the 16tb...
  4. J

    Need advice on ext4 to Btrfs

    I currently have a DS1819+ with only 4 - 4TB drives in it with data on its configured properly for me running 1 Volume (Volume 1) for all the drives. I want to change it to Btrfs so that I can use extras features like snapshot replication and active backup features. How can I do this without...
  5. S

    Migrating from DS1512+ ext4 to DS1618+ Btrfs

    I need to migrate the ext4 volume on my existing DS1512+ to a Btrfs volume on a new DS1618+. The DS1512+ is SHR-1 4x3TB (bay 5 is empty) with one storage pool containing a single 8TB ext4 volume that occupies the entire storage pool. Approximately 1.5TB of the 8TB is used. I do NOT want to...
  6. daptap

    Solved btrfs vs ext4

    I have a DS718+ with two 4tb drives with only one volume on each, using 1.5Tb out of the 3.6Tb available. Each drive formatted as EXT4. Was reading about the synology app active backup for business and downloaded it to see if it would work for me as easeustodo is not working well as a whole...