external access

  1. tekguru

    External Access in Control Panel on DS918+

    Okay guys a newbie here as far as remote access is concerned..... So far I've set up a DDNS entry in the External Access part of the control panel, let's call that hostname MYNAS.synology.me. I've also set up a CNAME record on my web domain, let's call that MYNAS.MYDOMAIN.COM. If I try to...
  2. N

    eero pro 6 mesh router and external access

    I have a new DS1621+ and just before that had to get a new router and purchased the eero pro 6 to set up a mesh wifi system. The NAS is plugged in via the ethernet cable and everything works fine at home but I wanted to establish some external access with DDNS but the router configuration won't...
  3. Shoop

    Restrict external access to DNS only

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to limit the external access to my NAS in such way that it is only accessible using the DNS and not the IP. Currently when I try to access the NAS from outside with my public IP https://<my-public-ip>/, it redirects me to...