1. WST16

    Facebook changed its name, sounds creepier 🤣

    Facebook is Meta now. I guess SpiesRUs is taken 🤣 And… wait for it…They want to sell you a watch 🤮
  2. WST16

    Info Facebook data on 533 million users reemerges online for free

  3. WST16

    Info Facebook apologizes to users & businesses for Apple’s efforts to protect its customers' privacy

  4. WST16

    Info Another day, another Facebook scandal

  5. WST16

    Info Zoom removes code that sends data to facebook

    Facebook, I hate you a hateful hate! https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/z3b745/zoom-removes-code-that-sends-data-to-facebook
  6. WST16

    Info What is Facebook Libra currency?

    Among the best I've read, if anyone is interested… Mashable article. A skeptical view by one economist. And an opposing opinion.
  7. SynoMan

    Info Addition to social media for SynoForum.com

    SynoForum.com is now available also on Facebook and Twitter.