1. O

    Timeouts with Hyper Backup and Google Drive

    Trying to set up Hyper Backup to work with Google Drive. The backup will start, freeze up, and then eventually fail. I've tried numerous times. The logs always show that there is a network timeout. I do have pi-hole running, but don't see anything being blocked for Google except ad services...
  2. Jan Janowski

    DS cam DS CAM DS FILE NOW MUST SEE 6.2.4 update 2 or will fail

    Title seems to say it all. Certificates have expired. They want 6.2.4 Update 2 installed on NAS’s in order to update the certificate. I do believe DRIVE “not connecting” may be this also.
  3. O

    DSM 7.0 Mount Remote folder: Fail to connect to the remote folder.

    I have a Synology 1821+ and just installed DSM 7.0. It opens on Mac and Windows with Chrome. After about 30 seconds I get the pop-up error: "Mount remote folder: the system is busy" Then the pop-up error: "Mount Remote folder: Fail to connect to the remote folder. Please make sure the...
  4. D

    Photo Files fail to load in Moments

    I am currently loading a lot of photos (JPEG files) into Moments on my NAS (DS220+). Sometimes the files will load and sometimes I just get a red "Fail" message. Once it goes into "Fail" mode it seems to always fail and then for no explicable reason it decides to start loading. I can reliably...
  5. Hyperstrike

    User introduction *Fires someone else into the forums in a pile of fail.*

    *Walks in afterward, quietly and unobtrusively* Hi guys. Had a build go sideways on me when the Western Digital Golds ATE a 1000W PSU, preventing POST on anything more than 2 drives. 4x10GB Drives, meant for RAID10. As the storage space was BADLY needed for my system migration. cue purchase of...
  6. Telos

    Solved Why does this reverse proxy fail

    I set up this reverse proxy for the DS File app (Android)... but it fails to connect. When I enter "" in the DS File app, it connects. But if I enter "" using this reverse proxy, it fails. FWIW, ports 443 and 5001 are forwarded to the NAS (
  7. DeltaGolf

    Solved Nextcloud desktop apps fail to authorise

    I think this is a Nextcloud problem but maybe I can bodge a fix on my install? Nextcloud up and running via Docker. Does the business via its webpage. Now we want the client apps to sync document to/from/with macOS desktop and iOS iPad/iPhones. Easy, download and install the app. But the app...
  8. Robbie

    Question DS1517+ Has it died on me?

    Wow, official forum has plummeted to new depths, so dipping my toe in here! DS1517+ with 5x WD HDDs, 10GbE PCIe card (a Syno E10G18-T1). Reasonably flat network: - Router providing 2 LANs and 1 VLAN, firewall, DHCP and DNS - NAS resides on main LAN with an assigned address of -...