1. O

    DSM 7.0 Mount Remote folder: Fail to connect to the remote folder.

    I have a Synology 1821+ and just installed DSM 7.0. It opens on Mac and Windows with Chrome. After about 30 seconds I get the pop-up error: "Mount remote folder: the system is busy" Then the pop-up error: "Mount Remote folder: Fail to connect to the remote folder. Please make sure the...
  2. D

    Photo Files fail to load in Moments

    I am currently loading a lot of photos (JPEG files) into Moments on my NAS (DS220+). Sometimes the files will load and sometimes I just get a red "Fail" message. Once it goes into "Fail" mode it seems to always fail and then for no explicable reason it decides to start loading. I can reliably...
  3. Hyperstrike

    User introduction *Fires someone else into the forums in a pile of fail.*

    *Walks in afterward, quietly and unobtrusively* Hi guys. Had a build go sideways on me when the Western Digital Golds ATE a 1000W PSU, preventing POST on anything more than 2 drives. 4x10GB Drives, meant for RAID10. As the storage space was BADLY needed for my system migration. cue purchase of...
  4. Telos

    Solved Why does this reverse proxy fail

    I set up this reverse proxy for the DS File app (Android)... but it fails to connect. When I enter "" in the DS File app, it connects. But if I enter "" using this reverse proxy, it fails. FWIW, ports 443 and 5001 are forwarded to the NAS (
  5. DeltaGolf

    Solved Nextcloud desktop apps fail to authorise

    I think this is a Nextcloud problem but maybe I can bodge a fix on my install? Nextcloud up and running via Docker. Does the business via its webpage. Now we want the client apps to sync document to/from/with macOS desktop and iOS iPad/iPhones. Easy, download and install the app. But the app...
  6. Robbie

    Question DS1517+ Has it died on me?

    Wow, official forum has plummeted to new depths, so dipping my toe in here! DS1517+ with 5x WD HDDs, 10GbE PCIe card (a Syno E10G18-T1). Reasonably flat network: - Router providing 2 LANs and 1 VLAN, firewall, DHCP and DNS - NAS resides on main LAN with an assigned address of -...