1. Eddie

    User introduction Longtime Drobo fan, now moving to Synology!

    Hello! After using Drobo's for the last 12+ years I have finally found a new home in Synology! Given that it seems that Drobo Inc. is pretty much a dead duck I've felt it prudent to move over to a company that at least still sells their products! :) Just bought a DS1621+ which seems a nice...
  2. Dantorius

    RS1221+ Fan control not working

    Hello together, I hope I've choosen the right forum/topic for my question. I've been using a DS1813+ for a couple of years and upgraded now to the RS1221+ However it seems that the fan control isn't working as expected. When changing the fan mode in 7.0.1-42218 nothing seems to happen. The...
  3. Robbie

    The Taming Of The Screwed (RS1221+ Fan Fix)

    Decided that enough was enough with the RS1221+ being noisier than everything else in my rack put together and then some. For those not familiar with the RS1221+ it has an AMD Ryzen CPU that produces little heat, has a roomy chassis and fans that on their lowest setting push massive amounts of...
  4. M

    DS1621xs+ Fan speed and noise

    Hi All, Just configured my new DS1621xs+ and noticed that the chassis fans are constantly speeding up and slowing down when running any VM in VMM, especially when I open a web browser or run an installer or updates on the VM. Have played with various combinations of RAM and CPU allocated to the...
  5. C

    Replacement fan type for DS414j

    Hi, I've got a DS414j I've had for a few years now and I've got an email alert and error beep today informing me one of the fans has failed. Taking a look at the Synology website it appears that the official part (EAN 4711174729593 / UPC 846504009596) is end of life and Synology no longer sell...