file station

  1. Misophoniq

    How to browse local computer files via File Station?

    In File Station settings there's an option "Browse Local Files". How does that work? I have the option checked, but I can't find a way to show my Mac's local files inside of File Station. I'm on an iMac and I tried my default browser Firefox but also Chrome with the various Synology Extensions.
  2. G

    File station resizing column issue

    Has anyone experienced an issue with resizing columns within file station? When attempting to expand one column it shrinks another column. See the attached video (zip) for the example. @SynoMan @Rusty I attempted to attach a 1.55mb .mp4 file to show what the issue is, but its not support. I...
  3. wwwampy

    Question Find duplicate files in File Station

    Hi all, is there a way to find duplicate files in File Station?
  4. Blackbeard2168

    File Station sucks

    Am I the only one who hates file station I want to remove some share folders could file station is giving me issues it won't let me delete anything Since I'm new it's running a Synology Nas I've made some errors when configuring my Nass I'm slowly getting it to the way I would like it But I've...