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    NAS and SharePoint auto update

    Hi I'm currently running a DS220J (RAID 1) for business files, working from home. I mostly need to access the drive when I'm working from home, but now finding I need to access documents when working form site remotely, plus I need some form of off site backup/recovery. I do try to use the...
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    Synchro btw DSM 7.0 and DSM DSM 5.2-5967 Update 9

    Hi, I have Synology DS720+ (DSM 7.0.1) and DS710+ (DSM 5.2-5967 Update 9). Is it possible to synchronize folders/files from 720+ to 710+ ? Using standard option (Shared Folders Synchronization) I can only synchronize folders - without files (do not know why). Many thanks for your support.
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    File streaming and syncing

    Hello, Synology user here, looking for a good network file syncing and streaming solution. Current set up: PCs: file streaming: Local network - SMB Remote access - WebDAV file syncing Synology drive Mobile: DS file/Synology Drive & DS Cloud sync Currently faced difficulties: Too...