file transfer

  1. N

    75GB file transfer locally taking 7-8 hours

    Hi! I feel like everyone is talking about how instant and fast their NAS systems are, while I feel like my speeds should be way faster considering my setup. I am trying to transfer 75GB of files over a local 5Ghz wifi network. gives me +-250-300Mbps but I'm not sure that's...
  2. M

    DS415Play with DSM 7 - access to pCloud for file transfer

    DS415Play with DSM 7 - access to PCloud for file transfer: How can I connect directly from the NAS drive to a Cloud Storage location to transfer some files from the NAS to my cloud storage - PCloud?
  3. H

    Mac SMB file transfer varies significantly based on mounting direction

    Hello, I found this forum while searching and it appears nicely done. I have filed a support request with Synology but that can take a while, perhaps someone here has an idea. I'm testing a scenario to be implemented on our live show productions and have come across an oddity that I can't...
  4. DataGeek

    Solved File download speed

    Hi folks, new Synology (and this forum) user, finally gave up on HP MSS and WHS V1.. I have searched this site for answers but have not found a full answer yet. Thanx for listening, love this brain trust.. Background - Purchased DS418, added 4 2TB seagate IW NAS ST2000VN004 drives. Loaded...