1. P

    Synology > iOS > DS finder > where is control panel?

    Synology > iOS > DS finder > where is control panel? Specifically, need the ability to mount encrypted shared folders from the iOS DS finder app. On DS desktop it is Control Panel > Shared Folder > Files Sharing > Shared Folder > Select folder > Encryption > Mount.
  2. stokhobk

    Does Syn. Drive synchronize extended attributes (like macOS Finder tags) like Cloud Station did?

    I am currently on DSM 6.2 and I use the Cloud Station suite for synchronising files across multiple computers. One feature that is absolutely indispensable for me is the synchronisation of macOS Finder tags. If I tag a file on my laptop, I want this tag to be transmitted to my Synology, and also...
  3. S

    Finder integration for sharing files

    I’m wanted to share links to files or folders within Mac OS. Am wondering if there is a way to enable finder integration ( much like Dropbox does) so I can right click a file or folder and send that link rather then having to log in to the server and share that way. Thanks
  4. fredbert

    Info How-to fix NAS visibility in macOS Finder sidebar

    TL/DR: Clear out recent servers in Finder's 'Connect to Server' dialogue, then: connect to NAS; mount shared folder; disconnect NAS. NAS is now remembered in Finder sidebar. Long version A recent thread on keeping shared folders mounted on macOS got a bit side-tracked with having the NAS...
  5. EAZ1964

    Apple M1 crash/freeze when searching synology share in finder

    I posted this on syno community as well, but no reactions so far. Can anybody suggest a workaround or fix for the fact that my new M1 Macbook pro and M1 Mac mini both crash (yes power button needed to revive) when I search my Synology shares from Finder app. I just go in Finder and make a...
  6. Robbie

    Tutorial Native macOS Finder integration with Synology Universal Search

    Native macOS Finder integration with Synology Universal Search Aimed at novice users this is a simple and quick tutorial on how to bring the native capabilities of macOS Finder and full integrate them with Synology’s own Universal Search application. In the out-of-the-box state the Synology...
  7. aGraphicz

    Files and folder with ä ö ü in name are visible in DSM File Station but not in Mac Finder

    HI Since some days I moved 1TB files from my old external SSD to the NAS. Some of the files are however not available when I try to access them over smb on my Mac, but I can see them in DSM File Station. For example, when I try to access some folders, those are empty. In the specific one...
  8. S

    Question Permissions and Finder Files on Mac

    Hi, I'm wondering about permissions and my Synology in relation to a problem I'm having with Lightroom and finder items on a Mac. I'm not super well versed in my Synology, so this might be a very easy question to answer. I have a DS1019+ that is on my local network with a dedicated IP and I have...
  9. wwwampy

    Info Relaunch Mac Finder when problems with connection to your NAS

    I just had a connection issue to my NAS via Finder with SMB so I'll add the info here for help. In Finder I go to Go > Connect to server... then I type in smb://myServerName. It connects, but in the Finder sidebar, I could not open any folder. I get this error: This operation could not be...